The Best Reclining Loveseat with Console – 2018 Ultimate Review

Established in 1984, Homelegance supplies best quality products with a wide range of classical-to-modern style furnitures. Today, it has become a leading supplier for some of the finest home furnishings in the United States and Canada. Thus, when it comes to comfort and quality, Homelegance always stays well ahead of the competition. Now let’s take a look at one of the best reclining loveseat with console!

The Best Reclining Loveseat with Console – 2018 Ultimate Review

❝ Homelegance 9636-2 Laurelton Textured Plush Microfiber Dual Glider Recliner Love Seat with Console, Chocolate Brown 

best reclining loveseat with console

This chocolate brown and gorgeous looking reclining love seat is one of the best in the business. It is made up of plush microfiber upholstery. It contains a deep storage compartment console for storing blankets. You can relax on this comfy loveseat and enjoy Mojito because now it comes with 2 cup-holders. With this love seat, you can now enter into a zone of ultimate comfort because it has oversized seats, arms and backs.

Size of Each Seat: 24 inches across and 23 inches deep

Size of Center Console: 12 inches across


Reclining Features:

  • Both sides of this love seat not just recline back, but also glide from front to back.
  • When the chair is not in a reclining position, its rocker is great too.

This loveseat reclines back in 2 stages:

  • First stage: the back of the sofa reclines for about 4 inches while the footrest pops up at the same time.
  • Second stage: The love seat reclines to a level position, if you push the back further.

Super Comfortable: This loveseat is very comfy and cushy even for persons suffering from bad back.

Detachable Backs: The backs and wings are detachable and they slip smoothly into place.

Super Easy to Assemble:

  • It is an absolute breeze to assemble this love seat because instructions are extremely easy to follow.
  • As far as assembly is concerned, it takes about less than 10 minutes to put it together.

Durable and Sturdy Frame: Its frame is made up of steel. It is heavy, strong and robust enough to hold up well for quite some time. 

Material & Seating:

  • This loveseat has cushy, fluffy and very soft material.
  • The fabric is plush, comfy and fairly easy to spot clean.
  • The cushions are firm enough and they can hold up very well.

Center Console & Cup Holders:

  • The console is quite deep and you can easily put in pads, phone, remotes or even large game controllers.
  • The cup holders are also easy to clean because of plastic inserts. Besides, they have nice depth too.

Different Colors: It is available in gray and chocolate brown colors.


Space Needed at the Back: The back of the love seat needs some space to recline back. 

Not Easy to Close Footrest: It requires a bit of effort to lock down the footrest in place while sitting.

Problem with Cup Holders: The cup holders are not suitable for cups with handles (Mojito would be fine).


Easy to Bring In: If you have narrow entrance, no worries because this love seat now comes with detachable back. You can easily bring in the bottom section and lock the back sections in place by sliding them in. Great thing is: you don’t need any tools to fix this.

Good Fit for Tall Persons: Even if you are 6 feet high, this love seat is still going to be equally comfortable for you.

Great Fit for Elderly: The love seat reclines smoothly and it is great even for elderly. The older persons can lounge and get up quite easily. It reclines to an almost flat position.

Excellent Purchase for the Price, Highly Recommended: This extremely comfortable and reasonably priced loveseat is the perfect buy for everybody. If you are serious about purchasing high-quality reclining loveseat, you can’t get any better because this product really worth every penny! Once you are in, you may have to put in a lot of effort to get up, because it is so comfortable. Really I mean it!

Pro Tips

Put Grip Pads Under its Feet: If you have a wooden floor, it would be better if you place grip pads under its steel feet. This way, all the 8 feet of this loveseat are going to slide.

Space from the Wall: If you want to enjoy the recliner to fully reclined position, it has to have at least 6-8 inches of clearance from the wall. 

Close Footrest from Upright Position: You can easily kick back the footrest once you get out of the recliner, but not while sitting. After getting up, you may have to bend over and force the footrest with your hands to lock it down. However, if you are strong and tall, you can push it with your legs quite easily. 

Bring in Pieces One-at-a-time: It’s pretty quick and easy to assemble this love seat. You can unpack the box outside, move the pieces one-by-one and assemble it right on the spot with not much of a hassle. By means of snap clips, you can easily move the love seat around and lock the pieces in place with a nice “click” sound. 

Very Soft and Comfortable: The cushioned arms and the seating fabric is so comfy that you’ll fall asleep.


Notes of Caution:

  • The bottom part of this love seat is quite heavy which means probably 2 to 3 persons are needed to lift the part in.
  • At first, the recliner may appear stiff but it gets smooth after few uses.