5 Best 3-Seater Recliner Sofas in 2024

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Our researchers have come up with some of the best 3-seater recliner sofas one that can make your day as well as complement your home decor probably in a way you want it to be. Not only do they display unique upholstery and design–they are pretty durable too. Plus, all these top five 3-seater recliners aren’t really expensive either.

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5 Best 3-Seater Recliner Sofas in 2024

Recliner No. 1 – Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Alzena Recliner Sofa – Manual Reclining – Gunsmoke Brown

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top 5 three seater recliner sofa


Soft Material

The leather is very soft and nice to the touch. Even if you lounge on it for extended periods, you would not get that sticky feeling.

Quick Setup

  • It is really easy to put together.
  • The couch comes with detachable back cushions. However, you just have to slide in these cushions with a nice sound of ‘click’.

Easily Cleaned: It seems like brushed leather which cleans up great.

Reclining Features

The reclining mechanism is also super easy to operate.  

Very Comfortable Couch

    • The seating of this couch has very high level of comfort and leather is buttery soft and smooth.
    • The foam cushions are super comfy because they are upholstered in faux leather. You can easily adjust different positions according to your requirements thanks to a one-touch power control.
    • The armrests are very plush soft.
  • The seating is supported by durable corner blocked frame.
  • It comes with 2 cup holders along with a lift-top center console.

Spacious Couch: It is a very large couch and three persons can easily sit on it with plenty of space between them. 


Strain on Hips: Because your legs go up quite far before the headrest/back begins to recline, it puts strain on your hips which is not quite comfortable.

Fairly Thin Fabric: Make sure to take care of and go easy on the fabric lying between footrest and the couch because it appears light and thin.


Excellent Buy for the Price: This couch is super stylish, luxurious, very comfy and absolutely perfect piece of furniture for anyone looking for an ultimate comfort in a high-quality couch.

Very Affordable and Beautiful: It is one of the most inexpensive and gorgeous pieces of furniture that will make a very nice addition to your home decor.

Very Good Addition to Living Room: This couch has beautiful deep gunsmoke shade and rugged good looks that goes very well with your living room.

Super Comfy: This super comfy couch is very adjustable and you are going to enjoy almost all of the positions. 

Pro Tips✌

While connecting the power cords, do not forget to turn the power on at one of the connectors.

At first when you get up from the chair, you may feel a static buildup. But don’t worry because it will gradually disappear with time.

At first, the cushions of this couch may seem pretty firm to sit on. However, the couch will become quite soft after some usage.

Recliner No. 2 – Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Rotation Recliner Sofa – Power Reclining Couch – Smoke Gray Brown

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Seat height from the floor: 43’’


Very Quick Assembly:

    • This couch is pretty easy to set up thanks to the easy-to-follow instructions.
    • You can easily put it together within minutes.
    • This sofa comes with detachable cushions. You can just snap these into place in a matter of seconds, and you are good to go.
  • What’s more, NO TOOLS are required for the assembly.

High-Quality Material

  • The fabric is resilient and very soft to the touch.
  • The mottled gray shade of this sofa is great for a “warm” color scheme. Plus, it may hide any spills or stains over it.

Very Comfortable Couch:

  • The overstuffed back cushions and seatings are super comfy thanks to the extra padding within them.
  • Since the back is quite deep, it does not put strain on your hips if you try to lift your legs up.
  • In order to enjoy high level of comfort, you can stop the footrest wherever you want.

Reclining Features

    • The reclining mechanism is absolutely perfect as seats on either ends lean back very quietly.
    • The gliding motion is also quite smooth.
    • The seats lean back to 90 degree position. It means you can sleep briefly on this couch quite comfortably, but not all night long.
  • You can lean back at different angles and each position is perfect for reading books and watching movies.

Very Nice Feature:

One of the great things about this reclining sofa is that as the back and footrest moves, it forms something like a curve or arc. As a result, you do not have to keep the backs much farther away from the wall.

Easily Cleaned:

Unlike leather, the covering material of this couch is not as water repellant. However, you can easily clean up the spills (with a damp cloth), because the fabric is spot cleanable and can be vacuumed too.


Problem for Shorter Persons: One of the downsides of this couch is that the back is very high for short persons. Your feet will not touch the floor if you are about 5’5’’ (or so) and lean back on this sofa.

Lower Armrests: The armrests are bit lower than expected. You may have to stack up some pillows over them.

Problem with Connecting Wires: It is pretty hard to attach electric wires to the couch because they are not that simple to use. In order to connect them to the sofa, you may have to use your own velcro ties. The cords are supposed to be plugged in from behind rather than off to the couch’s side.


It is one of the most resilient, gorgeous-looking and elegantly fashionable couch.

This couch is soft and super cushy. 

Recliner No. 3 – Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa Living Room Reclining Couch (Brown)

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Length of couch: 6 feet 6 inches

Width: 2 feet 6 inches

Height: 3 feet 2 inches


Fairly Firm Couch

    • This couch is pretty much cushy and cozy. However, it is firm enough that you don’t really sink into the cushions.
    • Armrests of this couch are super soft.
  • It has quite firm support on the back.
  • It is made up of bonded leather which does have a feel of real leather.

Easily Moveable:

  • You can dismantle the couch so its pretty easy to move around.
  • The three headrests are separately packed while the bottom seat arrives as a single piece.

Reclining Features:

    • It leans back very nicely as the reclining works without any effort. This couch does not rock, however. (In case you are thinking!).
  • The recliners at the end are hardwearing and they are robust enough to stand the test of time. Simply pull on the lever and recline back smoothly.   
  • The recliners lean back quite far and to a nearly flat position. They recline back to almost 120 degrees.

Easy Assembly:

  • This couch is super easy to put together and it makes a nice addition for a small living room. Just slide in the back cushions and you are good to go.
  • It comes with detachable backs. You just have to slide these in, which is super simple to do.

Occupy Less Space: The couch is small in size which means it consumes less space in the room.


Seating Not Very Comfortable, but Firm:

  • All the seat cushions (especially one in the middle) are not very soft, but firm which makes this couch not too ergonomic. Plus, a stiff bump at the center of all three seat cushions makes it even more firm.
  • It is not too comfortable for long sitting because of not very good lumbar support.

Small Couch: The reclining sofa is small and a little bit narrow for laying down. However, still there is enough space for three persons to sit on it.

Problem for Tall Persons: The back rests are a bit smaller for persons of 6 feet or so.

Lower Armrests: Its armrests are quite lower than where they are supposed to be. You have to throw a couple of pillows for laying down.

Slightly Noisy Couch: When you lounge on this couch, it makes a little bit of noise.

It is perfectly suitable for the price.

Problem for Tall Frames: This couch is suitable for short persons. However, if you are above 5’10’’ or so, then it may not fit perfectly with your size. 

Thin Material: The material of this couch is fine but its pretty thin. So its not suitable for persons having pets like dogs and cats. They can easily peel it off with their claws.


Very Affordable and Perfect Fit: This couch is one of the great purchases and provides excellent value for the price. Its a decent piece of furniture and given the price of this couch, you can’t ask for a better one.

Chic Couch: The sofa has classy, elegant look with a very nice warm shade.

This couch is not very soft or comfy and therefore, it does not have a very high level of comfort. However, that being said, take the price of this sofa into consideration and you will feel that comfort is good enough within this price range.

Inexpensive, stylish look, quite comfortable but firm seat cushions and sturdy frame. Above all, its reclining mechanism works very well. After all, that’s what any recliner sofa is all about!

Pro Tips

In order to push it to the fully reclined position, you need to have around 6-8 inches of clearance from the wall.

Notes of Caution:

    • The handles of the recliners are made up of plastic, so be careful.
    • The leather looks shining in the picture but it does not shine.
  • The feet of this reclining sofa are made up of plastic. It makes the couch slides around too much. Instead of these feet, there should have been real rubber pads that could hold the couch firmly in place.

Recliner No. 4 – Homelegance Double Reclining Sofa, Brown Bonded Leather

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It is stylishly fashionable thanks to the gorgeous color, which is truly espresso. Besides, the material (faux leather) of this sofa is also of very fine-quality.

Quick Assembly:

    • It is super easy to put together. You just have to snap the pieces together while the assembly requires not more than 3 minutes. The best thing is: you don’t have to use any tools or screws. 
    • The three back rests together with two vertical rests, make up a total of five back pieces. These pieces come in separately.
  • It is fairly easy to slide the back cushions into a prong of the sofa. The two vertical rests slide into cushions.

Fine Quality Material:

The material of the couch is soft and buttery smooth.

Easily Cleaned: Don’t worry if you spill coffee or anything like that, because the fabric of this couch cleans up great.

Qualities of Couch:

    • The couch is very soft and cushy.
    • It is durable, solidly built and pretty easy to move around on the floor.
  • It has fairly good lower back (lumbar) support.

Firm Seating Cushions: Its seat cushions are not deep and fairly firm which is why you don’t sink into them once you lounge on it.

Reclining Features:

    • The reclining mechanism is great i.e. sturdy in construction and super easy to operate.
    • The two seats at either ends lean back to almost 180 degrees. Thus, you can lounge on them and go into a sleep mode in no time. 
  • You just have to pull on the lever and move into your ultra-comfortable zone in no time.
  • The couch doesn’t require too much space from the wall behind because the ends lean back down and forward. Once you recline, you can lie down almost flat and enter into a sleep mode.
  • This reclining couch is made up of robust frame and steel bars. These bars are not visible for anyone sitting on it.


Problems for Tall Persons:

    • If you are 5’11’ or so, your head will go above the seat back. Its length is also slightly shorter than usual.
  • The footrests do not extend too far. Therefore, if you are about 6 feet, your feet will certainly hang off. Thus, it may not provide full comfort for tall frames.

Problems with Armrests:

    • The armrests of this couch are very short.
    • Each armrest seems to be a small cushion.
  • They are not high enough to relax your arms. You may have to stack up couple of pillows to make it higher.

Problems with Footrest:

  • The footrest doesn’t go back through an arm or lever. You’ll have to push it back into place with your legs. Thus, it takes a bit of force to send the footrest to a position where it is locked down perfectly.
  • One of the downsides of this couch is that the footrests are not padded well enough. As a result, during long sittings, if you are a tall person (and your legs will hang out, of course) the wooden portion at the end of the recliner seems to press hard on the calves.


Perfect Purchase for the Price: Given the price of this reclining sofa, this is a very good buy for watching your favorite tv shows. You won’t regret it since you can’t get any better; worth every penny!   

It would certainly take some effort on your part to get up because it is super comfy.

Notes of Caution:

  • As you pull the lever to bring out the footrest, the footrests tend to pop out fast. This is because these are spring-loaded and may surprise you with a sudden jerk along with a little bit of sound.
  • The couch is a bit heavy but if you have wooden floor, you will be able to drag it quite easily.
  • For a living room, the seating cushions of this couch seems to be slightly shorter.
  • The material of this reclining sofa appears thin. It may tear up quite easily if you have pets.

Recliner No. 5 – Bonded Leather Double Recliner Sofa

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top five 3-seater recliner sofa


Quick and Easy Assembly:

    • This couch is pretty easy to put together.
    • You only need to slide in the backs into metal holders and you are good to go.
  • It only requires about 5 minutes to assemble, without any tools.

Sidenote: It would take around 5 minutes to unpack the entire piece of furniture. In all, the couch takes not more than 10 minutes to assemble all the way from unwrapping it.

Wall Hugger Sofa:

Because this couch is a wall hugger, it doesn’t require a lot of space from behind the wall. You just need to place it close to the wall and you are all set.

Reclining Features:

    • You can lean back to a fully reclined position while the couch needs not more than 5-6 inches of clearance from the wall.
  • The reclining mechanism is nice and smooth.

Durable & Beautiful Material:

    • The material of this couch is fairly thick and durable. For that reason, it seems like the fabric won’t rip easily and appears to hold up well for quite some time.
  • This couch is available in classy, gorgeous black color and contains real leather. It has firm and very soft padding.
  • The seating cushions are very comfy and compact.


Footrests Require Manual Force: It requires some bit of effort to push the footrests back into place where they are firmly locked down.

Problems for Tall Frames: Since it is a bit on the smaller side, your legs will certainly hang off the edge if you are about 6 feet or so.

Fairly Heavy Couch: The couch is fairly heavy to move around. So you need to take some help from your friends to lift the couch in.

Not Suitable for Lying Flat: If you are looking for a couch to lounge prone, this may not be a very good option since it is not as wide as you anticipate.


Excellent Choice for the Price: Really inexpensive, super comfy and very affordable piece of furniture. This is an excellent choice for the price. It fits perfectly with your needs like watching movies, gaming and so on. Lastly, if spending big bucks on a 3 seater recliner is not an option, then this is the perfect choice for you. Go for it!

Pro Tips

    • If you lean all the way back to the fully extended position, both recliners can hold persons of more than 6 feet. However, one thing is to be noted that if you are a tall frame, your head will certainly rise above the back rest because the back seat is not very high. But the good thing is: there is sufficient cushioning to support your neck. So your neck would stay into relaxing mode for sure.
  • At first, you may find the seating cushions slightly firm. But over time, it is going to be soft and comfortable.

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