15 Best Recliners for Back Pain 2020

There is no clear evidence that the human body was ever designed for sitting. Sitting is an athletic event. You have to be trained to do it properly.

We do understand that choosing best recliners for back pain can be an uphill task for you have to consider quite many factors while looking for recliners that are good for your back such its quality, the durability of a recliner, price, and above all its prime purpose which is to alleviate your back pain. If your recliner answers all these queries then it probably attracts you in the first place and why wouldn’t it? Well, in this article we will help you make decisions so get to know the best recliners for your back. You’d also get to know what recliners are suitable for what ages; what role a recliner plays in reducing back pain; why recliners are your best partners, and finally what to look in recliners if you wish to lessen your back pain using recliner chairs. So, let us find out top notch recliners for back pain sufferers.

All Time 15 Best Recliners for Back Pain Sufferers – Ultimate Guide for those Who Wish to Choose Recliners Good for Back

We have researched some of the top-rated recliners so you get to know best recliner chairs for your back. These recliners aren’t only meant for those who are suffering from back pain—in fact they are pretty handy for everyone who wishes to prevent any probable back pain in near future. People often believe that the fanciest, most expensive recliner is probably the best choice for the back support; however, this isn’t quite true. Let’s see why!

There is no clear evidence that the human body was ever designed for sitting. Sitting is an athletic event. You have to be trained to do it properly…Niels Diffrient, an industrial designer who made seats for American Airlines.

RECLINER NO. 1 – Mac Motion Oslo Collection Hamar Recliner and Ottoman in Cobblestone Top Grain Leather


recliners for back pain

 👍 Things You Like 👦
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Motion recliner isn’t only good for your back—it’s a handsome too.⛔ The Mac Motion recliner isn’t really suitable for individuals taller than six feet.
✅ The Mac Motion recliner has a pretty smooth sliding something you don’t often find in chairs the price of Mac Motion.⛔ You cannot watch T.V. at an eye level.
✅ It has solid compact attachment points.
✅ You can easily assemble it.
✅ Wooden frame and outstanding genuine leather upholstery.
✅ No smell of any chemical whatsoever.
✅ A big wooden wheel to maintain position.
✅ Swiveling is awesome. You can reach out to any nearby device whilst sitting on the recliner.
✅ It has breathable leather which allows you to remain warm in winter and cool in summer.
✅ Above all, the Mac Motion recliner is the super choice for your back support. It has an adjusting mechanism under its seat which enables you to sit in a posture you want. You can work on your laptop sitting on Mac Motion continuously for 4 to 5 hours.

RECLINER NO. 2Svago Zero Gravity Recliner – Ivory Butter Touch Bonded Leather


👍 Things You Like👦
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ You can adjust your footrest independently.⛔ It has no white glove service. The delivery guy is going to deliver it (300 pounds) to your doorstep and you should be prepared to do some heavy lifting.
✅ You can move your legs pretty easily and change your posture in a way you want it to be.⛔ The price is probably too high.
✅ High quality zero-gravity chair.
✅ One-year warranty for the recliner parts and service.
✅ While sitting on it you’ll feel like you’re driving a highly luxurious car something like Mercedes.


RECLINER NO. 3 – Homegear Recliner Chair with 8 Point Electric Massage and Heat


👍 Things You Like👦
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The chair has 8-point electric massage system that will come in handy for back pain sufferers.⛔ The leg rest is little hard to get it back in place.  
✅ It doesn’t only recline, the chair also swivels and vibrates.
✅ The heating system works great for your lumbar region.
✅It swivels at 360 degrees.
✅15-minute assembly required


RECLINER NO. 4Homeglance 9668BRW-1 Glider Reclining Chair, Brown Bonded Leather


recliners for back pain

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ You’ll like the arms of the recliner which are 25 inches high–nearly the height of a side table. You can easily put something on the table.⛔ Not really suitable for taller individuals for their feet would hang over the end of the footrest.
✅ Simple and straightforward assembly.⛔ While the recliner does lean back pretty far it rarely reclines greater than 80 degrees which is probably one of the few disappointments it bring with it.
✅ Two persons can sit at a time for the center console is so good.⛔ It takes slightly more space for the recliner isn’t a wall hugger.
✅ Sofa recliner is super comfortable. Your baby can hit any part of it and he won’t get hurt.⛔ The sofa produces little noise while rocking but not too much. The noise is produced because the central console touches both shoulders which eventually limits its reclining ability somewhat.
✅ The sofa is big enough to accommodate 6-feet-3-inches taller individuals.⛔ Older individuals will less likely to prefer it for its footrest doesn’t stay down. It may be hard to get up.
✅ Relatively cheaper.

RECLINER NO. 5Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga & Heating Therapy (Brown)

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ It has extra foot padding.⛔ The fabric on the feet rollers is probably too thin. It does make you feel when you put your feet on it, sometimes hurt a bit. (Tip: you can add some fabric to soften it).
✅ Limited warranty of 3 years.⛔ A bit pricy.
✅ Three stages of zero gravity. Its Zero Gravity technology first analyzes your body size then starts massaging.
✅ Best choice for individuals of all heights and age. This is an Amazon’s Choice too.
✅ Thanks to its yoga stretching program the recliner is able to stretch your full body.
✅ Assembly isn’t really hard because you’ll be provided with manual as well as an installation guide in a PDF format. Besides, there’s an installation video too.
✅ Thanks to its L-Track latest technology which enables the chair to massage you all the way to your butt.
✅ The Space-Saving Zero-Gravity is the only one of its kind. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that it has every new total package option.
✅ It has rollers on the feet.
✅ You can raise your feet 4 to 6 inches above your heart–something you don’t find in other zero gravity recliners.


Space-Saving Zero-Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner Installation Video

RECLINER NO. 6RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Full Body Zero gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat and Air Massage Chair – Charcoal


👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Thanks to its Massage Speed Control you can increase and decrease the massage speed.⛔ Slightly loud clicking sounds of airbags system.
✅ You can raise your feet up to the level of your heart. It’s probably best exercise to reduce your back pain.⛔ The foot massage is a bit hard.
✅ High quality synthetic leather and smooth mobility.
✅ You can massage not only your upper back but all the way down to your butt. The airbags are designed to warmth your lower back and hips.
✅ You can stretch your body to the full. The recliner will massage you in a way humans do. It will massage your pelvis area and lower back.
✅ Perhaps the most interesting feature is its LBH (Lower Back Heating). You’ll be able to massage just about any body part including calf, foot, upper back, lower back, hips, forearms, and wrists.  
✅ Adjustable width of shoulder pads.

✅ Straightforward Assembly

RECLINER NO. 7Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with New SL-Track with Rollers SM-7300 BROWN/BLACK


👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ It can accommodate individuals up to 300 pounds in weight.⛔ It isn’t really easy control the precise position of massage heads.
✅ The recliner works best in reducing any muscle pain.⛔ The remote control doesn’t have a memory to store your previous settings.
✅ It massages your hips, legs, and feet.⛔ Foot massage is little hard.
✅ White glove delivery service.
✅ Super choice for those having lower back problems.
✅ Six different massage rollers make the recliner really stand out.
✅ It doesn’t take too much space. You can keep it close to the wall.

RECLINER NO. 8Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner with Matching Ottoman in Merlot Top Grain Leather with Alpine Frame

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Pretty good looking furniture in your living room.⛔ Neither it is suitable for individuals taller than 6’ 5” nor for those with a height of less than 5’5”.
✅ The chair cushion is little firm which is perhaps the good thing particularly for individuals having back pain. They won’t sink back into the chair.⛔ The cushion thickness measures only one inch and it doesn’t seem to extend far enough. You’ll probably need some extra padding.
✅ The locking mechanism is pretty reliable.
✅ It’s made of real leather. 
✅ It provides perfect lumbar support.
✅ Pretty simple assembly with clean instructions. It’ll take you an hour to assemble the entire recliner.

RECLINER NO. 9 – Perfect Chair “PC-420” Premium Full Grain Leather Hand-Crafted Zero-Gravity Walnut Manual Recliner, Cognac

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The wood base is made from rubber tree.⛔ Pretty expensive
✅ The chair is made of genuine top-grain leather. That means the older it gets the better it looks each passing month.
✅ It isn’t only effective in alleviating back pain—the recliner is pretty handy in eliminating neck pain too.
✅ The maximum weight limit is 400 pounds which is greater than most other recliners.  
✅ The chair has extended armrests. You’d get support even when you’re in weightless posture.
✅ A recliner lever functions smoothly.
✅ Thanks to its manual hand control brake with the help of which you can stop the recliner at a certain position.

RECLINER NO. 10 – Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat and Long Rail 161

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The recliner has got all the basic functions you need. It will massage your upper back, lower back, shoulders, forearms, feet, and even thighs.⛔ At times you’ll feel probably too hot at your back for the massage intensity is thought to be relatively higher. (You’d like to add towel in the lumbar area).
 It serves equally great to people of all heights and weights. It doesn’t matter if you’re 5’6” tall or your height is 6’4”. This is for you.  ⛔ The intensity of the massage doesn’t appear to be evenly distributed.
✅ You can manually adjust settings as to how far you think it should recline.⛔ Not really suitable for neck massage.
 It has adjustable rollers.⛔ The recliner is pretty heavy.
✅ The assembly time is just 15 minutes.
✅ The price is affordable.

 RECLINER NO. 11 – Relaxzen Massage Rocker Recliner with Heat and USB, Beige Microfiber


👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The foam at the back and on the seat is so dense that you feel like you’re sinking into it.  It doesn’t rock.
✅ It is equally suitable for taller folks too. ⛔ Pretty hard to lock the footrest. 
✅ Recommended for elderly individuals. 
✅ Easy to clean fabric. 
✅ 8 massage motors address your thighs, lumbar, and back. 
✅ One small pocket for keeping remote and other things. 
✅ Assembly takes only 20 – 30 minutes. 

 RECLINER NO. 12 – iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair, Espresso Color Option

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The recliner is particularly good for individuals having shoulder or back stress.⛔ Not suitable for individuals taller than 6’4”.
✅ Light in weight.
✅ Perfect for massage.
✅ Chair is fully assembled.

 RECLINER NO. 13 – Oslo Collection Mac Motion Leather Colelction Leather Recliner with Matching Ottoman, Expresso and Walnut Finish


recliners for back pain

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The recliner is best fit and comfortable even for individuals with a height of 6’6”.⛔ It doesn’t have top grain leather.
✅ Outstanding, clean and decent design.⛔ It doesn’t stand on its full upright position.
✅ You can comfortably watch T.V. for its headrest is in a perfect position.
✅ The chair is super comfortable.
✅ Its back fits perfectly your back without being sloppy big or bulky.
✅ Finest materials used in the manufacture.

 RECLINER NO. 14 – Cozzia Dual Power ZG Recliner, Chocolate

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ High quality bonded leather and incredibly comfortable to sit for hours.⛔ The foot rest stops at a certain angle. You cannot sit in an upright posture with your legs stretching forward.
✅ It provides outstanding lumbar support for its memory foam leather pillow is detachable.
✅ You can watch television.
✅ The recliner’s motor doesn’t produce any noise. It’s super quiet.
✅ It will alleviate your back pain and lumbar stenosis. Perfect for aged individuals too.

 RECLINER NO. 15 – Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Lift Recliner – Coffee Color – 2080112

👍 Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Massage your lower back at relatively high intensity.⛔ You have to manually assemble it.
✅ Highly cozy and durable cushions.
✅ The warm coffee hue color of the recliner matches perfectly with your living room furniture.
✅ The chair is light in weight measuring up to 127 pounds.

What Things to Look for in Recliners Good for Back?✌

 Do you know what are the best recliners for back support? And what are the things that make the recliner good or bad for your back. We have listed the fundamental must-haves in every recliner. You should see if your recliner has all these things.

 Every recliner should have an adjustable back support. They mustn’t have high backs that are curved inward. If your recliner has a high back, it’ll probably get your shoulders to slump forward, causing a neck strain.

 The recliner chair back support ought to be straight at the shoulder level, where it touches your lower back.

 It’d be great if the back-support is little convex so it bends with the natural bend of your spine.

 If you wish to sit on a recliner for long periods then you must choose a recliner which has a smooth adjustable back.

 There are also some recliners that have an adjustable seat height and back. However, the height adjustment of a seat isn’t really mandatory for it has little to do with your back support.

 The cushion seat should be soft but not softer. The soft cushion may seem comfortable in the first place particularly when you sit for short periods of time; however, in prolonged sitting it may eventually roll up around the sides of the buttocks, putting a lot of stress on hip joints.

 A recliner must have at least two inches wide arm support. The arm support must be padded. If possible, the adjustable arm support can be handy too.

 A good recliner must help you in alleviating not only the painful areas of your back but also those that are slightly stiff.

Are Recliners Bad for your Back?

Yes, only if you choose the one you don’t need at all. Choosing the right recliners with lumbar support can be a daunting task but by investing a little time you may come up with just the right recliner you need at the right time. It’s worth investing isn’t it? Generally most recliners will provide you with the reasonable back support however for back pain sufferers the recliner must offer more than just reasonable support, comfort and relaxation. We have listed top six things you should keep in mind whilst choosing the right recliner for your back.

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How to Choose the Best Recliners for your Back?👇

A recliner may seem comfortable and handsome to you but if it doesn’t give you the back support you want then it’s probably not the right choice for you. Your foremost priority must be to go for the one that would alleviate your back particularly if you’re a back pain sufferer. It’s not really a bad idea to invest your time in looking for the right recliners that are good for your back. Let me guide you first what are the probable causes of your back pain.

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🔵 If you’re suffering from chronic pain then the best idea is to buy the recliner that offers you better lumbar support. The lumbar-support-recliners are probably the best chairs to provide you the reasonable support for your lower back.

🔵 There are few recliners that sink too deep or probably they are too comfortable. We do not recommend these recliners particularly if you’re concerned about reducing your back pain. You should choose recliner that gives you a reasonably hard support for your back.

🔵 You must check that the back support of your recliner bends naturally with the natural bend of the spine. If the back support straightens your spine then it’s probably going to cause you back pain particularly in prolonged sitting.

🔵 If you are suffering from spinal stenosis then you should fancy investing in a massaging recliner one that gives you a perfect lower back support. Just to let you know the spinal stenosis is a condition in which the spinal column narrows and starts compressing the spinal cord. It puts a lot of stress on nerves.

🔵 You may choose to buy the comfortable recliner one that offers soft cushion support if you are a sportsman or do a lot of exercise. However, you aren’t supposed to compromise softness over good lumbar support.

🔵 A few individuals particularly the older ones do have a difficulty in getting up or sitting on a lowered seat. For them, the lifting recliners are probably the best choice. You can adjust the height of the lifting recliners in a way you want it to be so you don’t have to adjust yourself to the recliner in fact it’s the other way round.