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Best 5 Recliners for Handicapped or Disabled – 2024 Reviews

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Taking care of a handicapped or disabled family member is quite taxing, most especially if they are seniors. It is a fact that muscle ache, arthritis, and back or knee pains get more intense as they age. They are more prone to aching back and knees, making it harder for them to get up from their seats without assistance. These handicapped, disabled, or seniors are at risk if they don’t have support when they get up from their chairs. A recliner chair is a great help; it minimizes the weakening of the joints and muscles. It can help them sit in different comfortable positions they prefer.

They can fully extend their legs into a reclining position if they want to take a nap. A recliner chair provides comfort for PWD’s as well as ensure their safety. Since they struggle to transfer from one chair to another, a recliner chair is indeed life-changing for them. So, when you plan to buy a recliner chair, see to it that it provides all the support and comfort; most especially, it offers aid to their disabilities. Please read the below-listed items to give you an idea of the best recliner chairs for handicapped or disabled persons.

Best 5 Recliners for Handicapped or Disabled – 2024 Reviews

RECLINER NO. 1 – Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat

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This power-lift recliner for the PWD’s is an all in one chair. It comes with a heater, massager, side pockets, and cup holders, but it operates with just one motor. For that, the back and foot rest operates in unison with only one control system. Although it guarantees a well-built framework, the chair, is not long-lasting. What makes it more exciting is the mild massage vibration it provides that comes with various modes, and the heated seat is pleasant for cooler nights.

It is great for a disabled or handicapped person to take a nap or just sit and relax. Another perk of this recliner is the USB ports that keep devices at an arm’s reach. The upholstery of this chair uses premium quality faux leather making it easy-to-clean and stain-resistant. On top of that, the headrest uses excess foam to give a soft pillow-like feeling to your head. Additionally, the armrest delivers an over-stuffed cushion to support the arms while seniors or PWD’s relaxes or watch television. Lastly, this recliner chair is easy to install and assemble, and it offers a one year warranty.

RECLINER NO. 2 – Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa with Massage and Heat

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If you decide on a less expensive brand but with optimum quality that is equivalent to the pricey one, this chair offers you that same comfort and luxury. The upholstery uses soft and cool fabric instead of leather that sometimes can be slippery. The fabric feels smooth and gentle to your skin.  Its subtle brown color blends perfectly with any furniture in the living room. Although the arm, foot, and seat covers are removable, there is no care tag included, but surely you can wash it.  For seniors or PWD’s who find it hard to sit or stand from a chair, this recliner is very helpful.

Additionally, the remote control does not have complicated settings, that seniors with moderate dementia can still operate it. This chair is not so small, making it the perfect size for women. One more thing, this chair does not have pre-determined positions and angles. It allows users to smoothly recline or lift the chair to any comfortable position they prefer. 

RECLINER NO. 3Power Lift Chair Modern Transitional Chair Lifts

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This power lift recliner is perfect for individuals with mobility issues such as PWD’s and the elderly. It comes with a dual function – a power lift and a reclining sofa chair. The two control operation buttons are easy to use to adjust the chair to any desired position. It is suitable for people who find it hard to sit and stand from the chair. The motor is extremely quiet and works smoothly.

It is not so narrow or too large; it’s just the exact size that makes its user comfortable and relaxed. This power lift chair offers firm padding that gives excellent lower back support. For easy cleaning, this chair delivers detachable mats for its headrest and armrest. Additionally, it comes with a soft suede fabric that is hard-wearing and easy to clean. The hard padded seat is the only downside of this recliner chair. Overall, this recliner is among the top of the line because it is extremely comfortable to use.

RECLINER NO. 4 – Pulaski Light Brown Dual Motor Fabric Lift Chair

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If you don’t have ample space, yet need a lift chair, this one can be your greatest option. This chair uses minimal floor space when lifting or reclining. It provides two separate motor mechanisms that quietly work well. Its control system works independently; thus, users can adjust the headrest and footrest separately. This recliner has the ability that allows you to lie flat with just one touch of a button, unlike other lift recliners.

When you need to get up, the recliner provides all the support and stability.  Should a power outage occur, a backup battery is always ready to use. With the generous padding on the arms, seat, and back, this lift chair looks stylish and cozy. Moreover, specific pressure points, such as the head, neck, lumbar region, arms, and back obtain double padding. You may contact the seller or the manufacturer regarding the warranty since the list does not include it.

RECLINER NO. 5 – Dual Motor Lift Chair Recliner

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This lift recliner chair is far more different from the traditional one. It uses an electric-powered dual motor that works independently. You can separately adjust the backrest and the footrest with the use of the remote control. This remote control offers easy to operate setting for PWD’s or seniors suffering from mild dementia. This chair is most suitable for people who are disabled or handicapped.

Moreover, it has the ability to push the entire chair up to help PWD’s and seniors stand independently. The recliner chair is capable of fully stretching its footrest to give the comfort and relaxation the user needs. The lift recliner is ideal for those who want an extra comfortable leather-wrapped chair that is easy to clean. For maximum comfort and relaxation, this chair uses high-density cushion pads. The seats are firm but not that hard, just enough firmness for excellent lumbar support. Lastly, the chair is not ideal for large built people, as it can only hold a 300-pound weight. 

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