While it generally depends on your requirements as to what kind of real leather swivel recliner chairs you need at what time, there are certain fundamentals you’d like to keep in mind whilst buying one for your living room. We have listed all those essentials at the end of this article. Besides, our editors have carefully chosen some of the top notch leather swivel recliner chairs one that satisfies you in just about every aspect. All these recliners speak highly not only of their functional features and conspicuous design, their durability as well as the leather quality is really treat to offer. Let’s dig deeper into these chairs so you get to know precisely what swivel recliners you need for your body. Check out our reviews on leather sectional sofas with recliners on Amazon.

Top 18 Real Leather Swivel Recliner Chairs – Reviews & Guides 2020 – Ultimate Collection

RECLINER NO. 1Best Choice Products Leather Swivel Recliner Chair With Footrest Stool Ottoman

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[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Leather-wrapped base  Weight: 37 pounds
✓ Overstuffed padding on armrest and ottoman  Ottoman weight capacity: 200 lbs
✓ 360 degree swiveling
✓ Elegant appearance


👍 Durable and Elegant Design

➪ While the base of the chair is wrapped around by the leather much of the interior is constructed of aluminum which is what makes it robust and good looking. The color of the  recliner offers a contrast to your living room decor but you can place it in your bedroom too. Although we haven’t tested the longevity the aluminum-made frame is enough to justify its sturdy design. Just to let you know that you can read our reviews on leather recliners on small spaces.

👍 Cozy Seat Provides Supreme Relaxation

➪ The armrest as well as the back is equipped with overstuffed extra padding one that allows you to relax as well as sleep after a long hectic day.

👍 Pretty Strong Ottoman 

➪ The ottoman can bear the maximum weight of 200 pounds although we seldom need it except for placing our feet in a reclined position. The weight-bearing capacity shows that the Ottoman is equally robust and durable eventually complementing the recliner chair.

👍 No Cords Required

➪ The chair is completely cordless so you don’t have to rely on power points. It also enables you to move your recliner wherever you want it to be.

👍 Too Easy To Move

➪ The recliner together with an Ottoman is too light to move although neither of these have wheels. Unlike hydraulic chairs, these swivel recliners are highly mobile for their base is so built.

👍 Swivel 360 Degrees

➪ The chair swivels all the way around thus you don’t need to get out of the chair to pick things around you. The recliner does it all for you.



👎 Armrests are Slightly Lower, So as the Back

➪ Although For a person who is around six feet in height or more the armrests would probably be just a little too low. Similarly, the backrest is ideally designed for an individual with a height of 5 feet 11 inches. Therefore, the chair isn’t really recommended for unusually taller individuals. You can choose from our best collection of brown leather recliners.

RECLINER NO. 2 – Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Vintage Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Mahogany Wood Base

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[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Plush Upholstered Arms  Assembled Height: 24 inches
✓ Mahogany Wood Base with Floor Glides  Assembled Width: 26 inches
✓ Lever Adjusting Recliner  Assembled Length: 32 inches
✓ Integrated Headrest  Weight: 55 pounds
✓ Ball-Bearing Swiveling Base
✓ Spot clean with damp cloth
✓ LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane


👍 Easy-to-Clean Upholstery

➪ The recliner’s fabric is all too easy to clean but with the damp cloth. Although the chair isn’t made of genuine leather it still gives a reasonable shine in pretty much the same way as a real leather.

👍 Extra Padding at the Armrests

➪ Compared to most other swivel recliners, this one particular furniture has slightly wider armrests one that is overstuffed too.


👎Not Really Suitable for Elderly

➪ The recliner sits just a little too low on the floor so it isn’t easy for you to get out of the chair especially if you are aged individual. This will eventually put stress on your knees or back when you attempt to get up from the chair.

RECLINER NO. 3 – Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Maple Wood Base


[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Knob Adjusting Recliner  Assembled Height: 23 inches
✓ Maple Wood Base with Floor Glides  Assembled width: 27 inches
✓ CA117 Fire Retardant Foam  Assembled length: 24 inches
✓ Ball-Bearing Swiveling Base  Recliner weight: 56 pounds
✓ LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane


👍Amazing Lumbar Support

➪ The recliner unexpectedly provides great lumbar especially for those having back problems. The reason why we said ‘unsurprisingly’ is that most recliners fail to offer similar features at this price. Besides, the chair is highly comfortable although it doesn’t lay flat like zero-gravity recliners.

👍Supports even Taller Individuals

➪ It doesn’t matter if you’re six feet or greater in height, the recliner will provide you the comfort you need. Plus, it can support the weight of 250 to 300 pounds therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that the chair is sturdy and durable too.

👍Ideal Ottoman and Swivel Feature

➪ The Ottoman is just about at the ideal height that enable you to support your leg from knee down. Also, the swiveling feature allows you to get out of the chair without pushing ottoman. The recliner’s design is perfect so as its color.

👍Outstanding Leather Quality

➪ The At this price you rarely find high quality bonded leather such as this. It may appear to you fake leather in photos however it isn’t. The quality is excellent with the remarkable copenhagan designs. The leather finish is worth noting.

👍Pretty Straightforward 15-Minute Assembly

➪ The recliner comes with all the necessary parts and screws. You’ll also get numerous tools but the bolts or nuts are not that many that could confuse you. Furthermore, the screws and washers are already attached to the footrest so your work will be darn easy. Don’t forget to receive the small plastic bag with the chair for it contains necessary bolts. You’d be able to assemble the entire chair in just 15 to 20 minutes.


👎Not Really Suitable for Short People

➪ The floor-to-seat distance is slightly greater which can be annoying for people around to the height of 5 feet. But that isn’t a big deal. Once you can get used to it you’ll probably feel no different.

RECLINER NO. 4 – Flash Furniture Contemporary Beige Recliner and Ottoman with Swiveling Maple Wood Base


[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Knob Adjusting Recliner  Assembled Height: 24 inches
✓ Maple Wood Base with Floor Glides  Assembled width: 26 inches
✓ CA117 Fire Retardant Foam  Assembled length: 32 inches
✓ Ball-Bearing Swiveling Base  Recliner weight: 54.4 pounds
✓ LeatherSoft is leather and polyurethane


👍The Headrest in a Perfect Position

➪ While the headrest isn’t adjustable like it’s probably in some of your local chairs, it is nevertheless in an ideal position to support your head. The recliner doesn’t recline too far back but good enough to prevent your head from falling forward. You can definitely take a nap on this chair. You might be interested in choosing the best leather swivel recliners to buy in 2020.

👍Super Value for the Price

➪ It won’t be an exaggeration if I say that there aren’t many recliners that offer such a wide variety of features at this price. Under 300 bucks, the chair not only complements your home decor, it provides you the desired comfort, design, durability and easy assembly.

👍Supports Individuals of All Heights

➪ It The chair is strong enough to bear the weight of heavy as well as tall individuals. The armrests are just about at an ideal height so the bigger individuals do not feel uncomfortable.

👍Great Leather Finish

➪ The overall upholstery together with the construction is so remarkable particularly the one on the inside seat that you feel like you’re sitting in a baseball glove. It makes you feel great when your body makes contact with the armrests.


👎Doesn’t look like Durable

➪ The longevity of the chair isn’t really proved. However, if you’re looking forward to buy one for the light use that is for your son then it probably suits you otherwise, we recommend you to go for the chair which is slightly more expensive and durable. It is unlikely to bear heavy-weight individuals.

RECLINER NO. 5 – Monarch Specialties I 8087IV Ivory Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner



[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Retractable leg support  Assembled Height: 40 inches
✓ Padded seat and back cushion  Assembled width: 29 inches
✓ Reclines to 50 degrees  Assembled Length: 36 inches
✓ Chrome metal swivel base  Recliner weight: 88 pounds


👍Retractable Footrest

➪ Unlike many other swivel recliners, the footrest in this particular chair is completely hidden into its body–leaving you to wonder if it actually has a footrest. This will eventually prevent you from pushing your chair every time you need to get up from it.

👍Swivel Base Hidden

➪ You just can’t see the swivel base while looking at the chair from the front however the rear view does seem to expose the chair’s base. Sometimes you don’t like to expose your swivel base for it doesn’t look very nice. If that is so, then this is the recliner you’re probably looking for. If you’re concerned about the rear view, you can place the recliner somewhere around the corner to prevent others from the rear view.

👍Pretty Decent Looking Chair

➪ Unlike most other swivel recliners, this one isn’t only good looking it’s also quite supportive and durable. The chair is going to add some more decency to your home decor perhaps thanks to its off-white ivory color.

👍Super Simple Assembly

➪ The assembly of this chair is super simple. The shipment comes only in two parts: the base and back. All you need to do is to snap the back of the chair at its base and that’s it. Your chair is ready.


👎Lumbar Support isn’t really Remarkable

➪ If you’ve lately suffered from the back pain or need some lumbar support then you’d probably like to put some pillows at your lumbar area to compensate the gap.

👎Little Tough to Lower the Footrest

➪ If you do not have strong legs or you’re too old to lower the leg rest then you should fancy choosing another recliner for it’s a bit challenging to close the leg rest.

RECLINER NO. 6 – Relaxzen 8 Motor Massage Recliner with Heat and Ottoman, Beige and Wood Base



[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ 5 intensity levels and 9 massage modes  Assembled width: 32 inches
✓ PU Leather with wood base  Assembled height: 40.6 inches
✓ Lumbar heat  Assembled length: 35 inches
✓ Extra plush cushioning  Recliner weight: 54 pounds


👍Excellent for Lumbar Support

➪ The recliner absolutely covers you in providing lumbar support, thighs, and legs. Thus the chair is highly recommended to those having back pain or lately underwent leg surgeries. There are as many as five intensity levels together with nine massage modes that’ll probably personalize your massaging experience. But you can turn it all off, it’s entirely up to you. Just to let you know that we’ve got a super collection of red leather recliner chairs.

👍Heating with or without Massage

➪ That’s right, you can only have heating if you don’t fancy massaging. All you’ve to do is to turn the massage off using a convenient hand remote. However, if you prefer to have massage the chair is equipped with specially-placed 8 vibrating motors that will personalize your ultimate experience.

👍Hand Remote – Convenient to Use

 The remote control is so easy to use that there are only a few buttons by which you may target your massage to four zones; legs, lumbar, full back, and thighs.

👍You can Lock the Recliner Position

➪ The chair has a wheel on its right side which is used to lock or unlock the recliner. If you like to lean in a specific posture you’d want to turn the wheel clockwise to lock it. Similarly for unlocking the wheel is  rotated anticlockwise.

RECLINER NO. 7 – Jemma Tufted Brown Bonded Leather Swivel Gliding Recliner Chair



[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Reclines in all directions  Assembled width: 30.71 inches
✓ Highest quality fabric  Seat height: 19.50 inches
✓ Faux leather  Seat depth: 22 inches
 Seat width: 19.75 inches
 Arm height: 24.25 inches


👍Perfect for Small Space

➪ The recliner doesn’t seem to occupy too much space in that it can fit into your small apartment pretty easily. However, this isn’t a kids’ recliner for it can bear the weight of 220 lbs. Check out the super collection of small leather recliners.

👍Reclines in all Directions with Hidden Leg Rest

➪ The chair is thought to recline in all directions and since the foot rest is retractable it doesn’t take extra space too. It also reclines to nearly flat position so not a bad place to have a nap.

👍Construction and Material

➪ The overall construction and the upholstery are extremely robust anticipating longer lifespan. The faux leather upholstery is easy to clean and the fabric is thick enough to last years.

👍No Tools Required in Assembly

➪ The assembly of the recliner is way too simple. No tools required, no bolts or screws needed to fix the chair, nothing at all. All you’ve to do is to snap the back rest into its base and when you hear the click sound the chair is assembled.


👎Leg Rest is Hard to Close 

➪ It’s a bit annoying that you’ve to kick the footrest little harder to snap it back into the chair. If you don’t have strong legs you’d probably be kicking your recliner not the leg rest. Therefore, we do no recommend this chair to elderly or someone who has undergone leg surgery.

RECLINER NO. 8 – Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel



[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Padded with extra thick sponge  Recliner height: 28.7 inches
✓ 4 storage bags and 2 cup holders  Armrest thickness: 3.54 inches
✓ 150 degree recline  Recliner weight: 92.6 lbs
✓ 360 degree swivel  Assembled length: 33.1 inches
✓ Remote control with power cord  Assembled width: 35.8 inches
✓ Heating lumbar support  Assembled height: 43.2 inches


👍Pretty Comfortable and Roomy

Compared to many other swivel recliners, the chair isn’t only comfortable, it’s quite roomy too. Although the recliner may not be high end luxury leather but it’s all too decent at a given price. The seat is wide enough to accommodate your pet along with you.

👍Cup Holders and Storage Bags

Cup holders and storage are usually found in kids’ recliners but that doesn’t mean adults do not need them. In fact, it’s quite a useful feature as you can put your primary things such as magazines, books, snacks, or drinks into it. These pockets are well sewn on.

👍Short Power Cords

The power cords are very short so as the remote control cord. At times unnecessary long cords can be irritating and are more likely to get hit.


👎Heating and Massage operate Together

➪ This can be frustrating at times because it’s not always you like to massage your body. Sometimes you’d want to take some heat only and not massage. However, there’s no such feature in this recliner that’ll allow you to take either of them. If you wish to heat your body you’ll probably be ready for the massage too as heating function doesn’t work independently.

👎The Massage Vibrates rather than Massage

➪ The recliner is more likely to vibrate than to massage your body. It can be annoying but I suppose at this price you seldom get the massaging feature the way you want.

👎Pull Lever is on the Inside rather than Outside 

If you’ve got wide hips you’d probably feel just a little inconvenient because the pull handle lies on the inside of the chair. Typically the lever occurs on the outside so that your hand would pull or push it easily. Check out the collection of genuine leather chairs.

RECLINER NO. 9 – SUNCOO Massage Recliner Bonded Leather Chair Ergonomic Lounge Heated Sofa with Cup Holder 360 Degree Swivel Manual Recliner


[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Thick padded armrests  Assembled width: 34 inches
✓ Rocker function  Assembled length: 38 inches
✓ 8 point massage  Assembled height: 42 inches
✓ Finest leather and heated recliner
✓ 2 cup holders
✓ Adjustable head rest and back cushion


👍It Can Bear the Weight of 350 lbs

The recliner is strong and robust to hold individuals weighing up to 350 lbs. It sure means that the chair is also designed for bigger folks.

👍Adjustable Head Rest

Prominent among its features is its adjustable head rest one that enables you to position your head no matter how tall you are the chair is there to cover you. Plus, extra padding on the head rest provides you the comfort you need after a long hectic day.

👍It’s a Rocker Recliner

The You can afford to rock gently up and down for ultimate comfort. But we do not recommend you rocking it without opening up the foot rest for you may tip it over.

👍Straightforward Assembly

The recliner is all to simple to assemble. You’ll slide the back into the guide tracks and that’s it. The chair comes only in two parts. Tools and screws aren’t required at all.


👎Foot Rest Massage is Slightly Too Loud

➪ The leg rest massage is just a little too loud but if you do not pay attention to it, it probably won’t bother you. Nonetheless, it would have been far better had the voice been little low. For most people that’s just fine for an otherwise remarkable recliner.

RECLINER NO. 10 – Belleze Faux Leather Rocker and Swivel Glider Recliner Living Room Chair  


[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Stain-resistant Faux leather upholstery  Assembled width: 37 inches
✓ Rock, recliner, and elevate  Assembled length: 29 inches
✓ Outstanding neck and lumbar support  Assembled height: 37.35 inches
✓ Manual functioning  Backrest height: 25 inches
✓ high quality wood and metal  Seat height: 19 inches
✓ Great durability


👍Pretty Decent Chair for the Price

Given the price the recliner will probably exceed your expectations. The chair allows you to recline, rock, and elevate your tired feet thus relaxing your body in just about any way the expensive chair does. It is certainly durable too.

👍Ultra Padded Reclining Chair

The reclining chair is extremely cozy and the moment you sit on it you’ll possibly feel like sinking into the chair. However, the seat isn’t too deep to make you feel uncomfortable in any way. That is, you don’t have to put extra pillows underneath your body. While sitting you’d be like sitting in a big baseball glove.


👎Not Recommended for Taller Folks

➪ We do not recommend this chair to taller individuals. The head rest as well as the leg rest may not be in the best position to massage your neck if you’re greater than let’s say 6’3”.

RECLINER NO. 11 – Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner and Slanted Ottoman 



[ Key Features ]

[ Specifications ]

✓ Sleek and stylish design  Assembled width: 40 inches
✓ Solid wood walnut finish base  Recliner weight: 42.7 pounds
✓ Steel springs  Seat width: 19.5 inches
✓ High quality leather  Seat depth: 19.5 inches
✓ Reclines 45 degrees  Seat height: 18.5 inches
✓ Swivels 360 degrees  Weight Capacity: 300 lbs


👍Support Heavy Individuals

The chair is strong enough to support the weight of some of the heaviest folks. Plus, the almost 19-inch-wide seat should be good enough to accommodate your body. This shows the durability and strength of the recliner.

👍Upholstery is of High Quality

The upholstery of the chair is all too to be cleaned. But you’re not required to use solvents or detergents to clean it up. Perhaps we recommend you to clean the upholstery with the high quality leather cleaning conditioner one that doesn’t damage the fabric.

👍Solid Wood Walnut Finish

The base of the recliner is made of finest wood walnut one that truly complements your home decor. Besides, the walnut finishing will make sure the chair lasts longer.


👎Some Assembly is Required

➪ While everything is reasonably fine with the recliner, the only wrinkle is that its assembly probably requires more than two hands especially the bolts that will hold the arms on. You’ll have to use Allen wrench to turn the bolts. Check out the 36-Piece Allen Wrench on Amazon.

RECLINER NO. 12 – Mecor Heated Recliner Chair, Bonded Leather Massage Chair with Control and Cup Holder for Living Room 


[Key Features]


✓ 100% high quality bonded leather  Assembled Height: 38 inches
✓ Solid wood frame  Assembled Width: 42 inches
✓ Thick padded seat and armrests  Assembled Length: 34 inches
✓ Heating system and fully body massage  Recliner weight: 97 pounds
✓ Rocker function  Weight capacity: 400 lbs
✓ Drink holders
✓ Manual reclining
✓ Side/Front punches
✓ 360 degree swivel


👍Ultra Thick Padding at the Back and Head Rest

It’s not everyday that you come across a chair having much padding at the back that you begin to feel like you’re lying on a mattress. That’s right, the extraordinary quality of bonded leather together with the elegant design literally makes it treat to offer. This will come in handy for people suffering from back problems let alone surgeries.

👍Full Body Massage to your Body

The recliner will probably make your day in that it features the full body massage one that is distributed equally all over its body. You’ll be able to relax your lower back, lumbar, thighs, and upper back.

👍Big Enough to Hold Heavy Individuals

The recliner is highly puffy and bigger than most other swivel recliner chairs. You can buy this piece even if you’re 6 feet 5 inches tall.

👍Pretty Good for Alleviating Back Pain

The recliner isn’t for alleviating back pain as well as for relaxing especially after surgery. It reclines to about 135 degrees which also reduces neck pressure.


👎No Clear Instructions for Connecting the Cable

➪ While The assembly also requires to connect the cable but unfortunately there aren’t any clear instructions that guide you to connect the cables.

RECLINER NO. 13 – Monarch Specialties I 8087GY Bonded Leather Recliner Swivel Glider


[Key Features]


✓ Sturdy metal base  Assembled Height: 40 inches
✓ Padded back  Assembled Width: 29 inches
✓ Fully reclines to 30 degrees  Assembled Length: 36 inches
✓ Retractable foot rest system  Weight 13.2 pounds
✓ 7-inch seat cushion thickness


👍Unique Design and Perfect Size

Appearances can be deceiving. Although the chair looks fairly slim it isn’t that narrower as you probably think it is. It is so strong and wide that it can hold up to 6-foot tall individual weighing as much as 300 lbs.

👍Outstanding Value for the Price

Under 200 bucks if you get a recliner that doesn’t only swivel and rock the way you want it to be, but provides you the desired comfort as well as reasonably decent upholstery, what else you think you need on that budget. Plus, the chair is thought to be equally effective in massaging your lower back.


👎The Footrest is Little Hard to Push

➪ The leg rest needs a strong push to get to its initial position. Sometimes you just can’t snap the foot rest with your legs you’ll probably need to use your hand or get up to close the foot rest completely.

RECLINER NO. 14 – Lilith Classic Leather Gliding Swivel Recliner


[Key Features]


✓ Comfortable backrest and armrest  Seat width: 18 inches
✓ Polyurethane Leather  Seat height: 18.75 inches
✓ Lightly tufted seat back  Seat depth: 21 inches
✓ Fully cushioned seating area  Arm height: 25.50 inches
✓ Manual recliner button
✓ Padded footrest
✓ 360 degree swivel


👍Extremely Cozy Armrest and Back

The recliner’s armrests, back and its seat are all cushioned with high density foam one that makes you feel like you’re sitting on a luxurious sofa. The armrests are so densely padded and wider that your dog can sleep on it too.

👍Highly Comfortable Footrest 

Unlike many local recliners the footrest of this particular furniture is padded too. As you gently place your feet over it you’ll feel like you are sitting in a movie theater.

👍Seat is Big Enough for Bigger Folks

The back seat is high enough to reach out to your neck and head no matter how big you are. It is ideally designed for individuals greater than six feet in height.

👍Classic Color and Elegant Design

The light grey color of the chair ideally complements your bedroom decor although it may fit into your living room decor too.

RECLINER NO. 15 – Monarch I 8085WH Bonded Leather Swivel Glider Recliner


[Key Features]


✓ 360 degree swivel  Assembled Height: 25.75 inches
✓ Round seat cushion  Assembled width: 29.5 inches
✓ Curved attached back  Assembled length: 31 inches
✓ Contemporary style  Recliner weight: 66 pounds
✓ Bonded Leather fabric  Seat height: 18 inches


👍Solid yet Comfortable Back

The backrest is ideally designed to provide you the comfort you need immediately after surgery or maybe during back pain. The feel is extremely solid but it’s obviously not hard enough to make you feel uncomfortable in any way.

👍Worth the Price

Although the recliner isn’t constructed for bigger folks it is nevertheless far better than most other local recliners given the features it offers at this price.


👎The Footrest comes up Pretty Hard

➪ The leg rest is slightly hard to show up and you’d probably need to watch out when putting it up. However, the footrest goes down pretty easy but it does take a good push to lock back in.

RECLINER NO. 16 – Morgan Stucco Faux Leather Ottoman and Swiveling Recliner


[Key Features]


✓ Solid wood walnut finish base  Assembled height: 40 inches
✓ Recliner with matching Ottoman  Assembled width: 32.5 inches
✓ Stucco faux leather  Assembled length: 35.5 inches
✓ Swivels 360 degrees  Recliner weight: 49.6 lbs
✓ Steel springs, 1.8 density foam  Seat width: 20.5 inches
 Seat depth: 21.5 inches
 Maximum weight capacity: 300 lbs


👍Smooth Lines on the Back

However insignificant it may appear to you, the smooth lines on the recliner’s back does seem to add to your comfort and relaxation. Thanks to these lines that further your personalize your sitting experience.

👍Wider Back and Outstanding Fabric

The backrest of the chair is all too wide to accommodate individuals of all sizes. Plus, its solid walnut base and remarkable upholstery further enhances your overall home decor. The fabric is easy to clean up but the fabric isn’t really a big dust collector.

👍The Chair does Lock in a Reclined Position

You can lock chair into a reclined position. Although it does seem to lack the rocking function the recliner is all too good for reclining possibly due to its locked feature.

RECLINER NO. 17 – Oslo Collection by Mac Motion Bergen Recliner and Ottoman in Cobblestone Top Grain Leather


[Key Features]


✓ Excellent lumbar support  Assembled height: 30 inches
✓ Superior sitting experience  Assembled width: 22.75 inches
✓ Stylish high Quality Top Grain Leather  Assembled length: 34.5 inches
 Seat height: 18.5 inches
 Recliner weight: 87 pounds


👍Back is Extremely Comfortable 

The recliner is irresistibly comfortable and classic as it may first look. The back  isn’t only cozy it’s highly flexible in that you can flip the head rest over the back of the chair when it’s not in use. We highly recommend this particular recliner to people having arthritis-related problems because the chair is so friendly that it will probably take all the stress off your neck and head the way you want it to be. The seat will probably allow your body to sink into it. It has great support for your lower back too.

👍…For Taller Folks too

It just doesn’t matter if you’re taller than 6 feet the chair will probably have you covered. However if you’re in the range of 6′ 5” in height then you’ll probably find it just a little discomforting.

👍Recline Pretty Smoothly 

You’ll be impressed by the functioning of the reclining feature itself for it isn’t only soundless, the chair reclines smoothly and operates at just about the right pace. Besides, the top grain leather along with its tan color will surely enhance your living room decor.

👍Clear Assembly Instructions

Although you’ll have to do little assembly work the instructions and tools are so clear and simple that you don’t need somebody’s help. You should be able to assemble the recliner in just 30 minutes. The chair comes with all the necessary tools and fasteners so no need to worry about that either.

👍Sturdy Frame ensures Durability

The overall built quality of the recliner is extremely outstanding. The solid walnut finish with wooden base, superb leather quality, and remarkable design likely complements the longevity of the chair. You’ll be surprised to see quality of its material as you assemble it.


👎The Recliner is a Bit Pricy

➪ It goes without saying that the recliner offers essentially every advanced function the price is probably too high.

✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳ ✳


  1. The recliner must have high quality leather upholstery that doesn’t only decent in its outlook, it should also be easy to clean. Plus, you’ve got to check if the fabric is firm and durable.
  2. You’ve got to see if the recliner is quiet and smooth as it reclines or is just too noisy to annoy you.
  3. The assembly instructions must be super simple and clear the maximum time for which shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes. Furthermore, you have got to make sure if the chair comes with all the necessary tools or screws to assemble it if it needs one.
  4. Most recliners have pretty hard footrest one that needs a strong kick to get back into the chair. Therefore, if you’re buying chair for elderly perhaps you should choose the one that has relatively smooth leg rest.
  5. Make sure that the chair is neither too big nor too small to accommodate bigger folks. Before buying we suggest you to read its specifications very carefully.

Leather Swivel Recliner Chairs – Video