Best 8 Oversized Wall Hugger Recliners – Recommended for Big and Tall People

    The reclining chair has nearly turned out to be your century-old companion and probably for a good reason. The comfort it offers to its owner is unquestionably above par. So as its stylish and functional features. Prominent among its features is its space saving capabilities one that fits right into your home furniture.

    Perhaps for the first we have brought you the supreme collection of top eight oversized wall hugger recliners which are highly recommended for big and tall people. Depends on your choice, you may select one of these wall huggers for your living room for they are available in a range of different colors. All these oversized recliners will probably enhance the overall ambiance of your indoor furniture.

    Best 8 Oversized Wall Hugger Recliners

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    BONZY Wall Hugger Recliners Chair Thickened Padded Arm/Back Seat Living Room Manual Reclining Chairs

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    BONZY Recliner Chair Microfiber Cover with Oversized Cushion

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    Imperial Officially Licensed NCAA Furniture: Big Daddy Leather Rocker Recliner

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    Flash Furniture Big & Tall 350 lb. Capacity Gazette Pewter Microfiber Recliner


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    Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Contemporary Reclining – Faux Leather Upholstery


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    Wall Hugger Recliner,Sofa,Microfiber

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    Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner

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    Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Swivel Recliner

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    RECLINER NO. 1 –Β BONZY Wall Hugger Recliners Chair Thickened Padded Arm/Back Seat Living Room Manual Reclining Chairs

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Classic American stylingβœ“Β Assembled width: 39 inches
    βœ“Β Rich leather upholsteryβœ“Β Assembled length: 38 inches
    βœ“Β Thick padded arm/backβœ“Β Assembled height: 43 inches
    βœ“Β Breathable backβœ“Β Recliner weight: 57 pounds
    βœ“Β High quality foam cushionsβœ“Β Weight Capacity: 300 pounds


    πŸ‘Deep Seat Cushions

    The recliner has pretty thick seat cushions measuring up to 8 inches in depth. As you sit you’ll likely feel sinking into it but they’re probably not too deep to force you to place pillows.

    πŸ‘Breathable Back Seat

    The finishing of rich leather gel upholstery is so fine that you actually feel as you touch it. The classic color of the chair further adds to your home furniture. Plus, the breathable backing temperature enables you to sit for as many hours as you can. You can literally make your day with this recliner.

    πŸ‘Weight Capacity 300 lbs

    The maximum weight capacity isn’t bad at all. Besides, the plywood framework makes it rather sturdy and durable.

    RECLINER NO. 2 –Β BONZY Recliner Chair Microfiber Cover with Oversized Cushion – Brown

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Pretty easy to useβœ“Β Assembled Height: 41 inches
    βœ“Β Solid frameβœ“Β Assembled width: 39 inches
    βœ“Β Classic and soft cushionβœ“Β Assembled Length: 38 inches
    βœ“Β Matching colorβœ“Β Recliner weight: 72.8 pounds


    πŸ‘Super Cozy

    The recliner is as irresistibly comfortable and complete as it first looks. Although it doesn’t lean you in a flat position the recliner nevertheless reclines in pretty much the same way as most expensive chairs do. You can relax or even sleep on it. The soft supple curves on the cushion will probably offer you breathable back together with comfort.

    πŸ‘Durable Construction

    The durability of the chair is above par. Plus, there’s no complex mechanism involves in its operation. You don’t have to remember nothing at all.

    RECLINER NO. 3 –Β Imperial Officially Licensed NCAA Furniture: Big Daddy Leather Rocker Recliner

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β High quality soft leatherβœ“Β Assembled width: 46 inches
    βœ“Β Easy to clean fabricβœ“Β Assembled height: 38 inches
    βœ“Β Plush arms with padded cushionsβœ“Β Assembled length: 38 inches
    βœ“Β Recliner weight: 130 pounds


    πŸ‘Super Leather Quality

    The recliner’s leather makes it a gorgeous looking comfy chair. It’s easy to clean and the soft leather doesn’t appear to compromise its durability. The fabric is tough and durable. You’ll be taking your comfort to an altogether different level.

    πŸ‘Rock and ReclineΒ 

    It’s a rocker chair too which means you can afford to spend as much time as you possibly can. The rocker features will probably allow you to take relaxation to a next level.

    RECLINER NO. 4 –Β Flash Furniture Big & Tall 350 lb. Capacity Gazette Pewter Microfiber Recliner

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Plush Upholstered Armsβœ“Β Assembled height: 15 inches
    βœ“Β Handle Pullβœ“Β Assembled width: 33 inches
    βœ“Β Spot clean with damp clothβœ“Β Assembled length: 43 inches
    βœ“Β Contemporary designβœ“Β Recliner weight: 140 pounds
    βœ“Β Plush pillow back


    πŸ‘Pretty Big Chair

    It doesn’t matter if you are overweight the chair is there to cover you up. It can hold individuals weighing up to 350 pounds. Plus, the back of the chair is pretty big so your head and neck do not fall back.

    πŸ‘Lever for Footrest

    You don’t have to close the footrest manually, instead you’ll be using a lever to do that. That indeed makes the recliner appropriate for elderly too since they can’t push the footrest with their legs. However, sometimes you’ll have to push the foot back to sit the chair right up.

    πŸ‘Sturdy and Durable Fabric

    The fabric of the recliner isn’t only pretty decent–it’s equally durable.

    RECLINER NO. 5 –Β Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Contemporary Reclining – Faux Leather Upholstery – Saddle

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Thick cushions and high backβœ“Β Assembled width: 42.5 inches
    βœ“Β Faux leather upholsteryβœ“Β Assembled height: 35 inches
    βœ“Β Dual motor lift reclinerβœ“Β Assembled length: 40 inches
    βœ“Β Thick poly fiberβœ“Β Recliner weight: 121 pounds
    βœ“Β Stylish furniture
    βœ“Β Fits through doorways


    πŸ‘Footrest and Back Operate Independently

    The backrest of the chair reclines independently from the footrest. Thus, you can afford to recline without raising your legs on a footrest. Similarly, you can also straighten your legs with your back in a sitting position. Perhaps thanks to the dual motor capability that enables you to move your legs and back independently eventually personalizing your comfort.

    πŸ‘Operates on a Battery as Well

    While the recliner is a power lift chair but it does operate on battery as well although it never comes with those extra batteries. You’ll have to buy those batteries separately. The recliner requires two 9 volt batteries.

    πŸ‘Super Quiet Functioning

    The recliner is all too quiet and comfortable in functioning that you can barely hear it although it uses power controls. It does recline you fully and the chair possibly lifts you much higher than the one shown in photos.

    πŸ‘Pretty Decent Faux LeatherΒ 

    The recliner is made of attractive yet durable leather. It isn’t however a genuine leather but will probably hold good for years. Unlike in genuine leather, you do not slip on this fabric.

    πŸ‘The Seat is Ideally SoftΒ 

    The recliner’s seat is neither soft like a cloud that’d make you sink deep nor is it definitely too hard to bother you. It’s perfectly designed to give you the comfort you need after a long hectic day.

    πŸ‘Recommended for Elderly

    We highly recommend this chair for elderly because it’s a power lift recliner one that helps you to stand without putting any kind of stress on your knees.

    RECLINER NO. 6 –Β Wall Hugger Recliner,Sofa,Microfiber, Sage Gray

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Durable polyester microfiberβœ“Β Assembled width: 34.75 inches
    βœ“Β Ultra padded armrestsβœ“Β Assembled height: 39.50 inches
    βœ“Β High density foamβœ“Β Assembled length: 37.75 inches
    βœ“Β Wall hugger recliner


    πŸ‘Easy-to-Clean Polyester

    The chair is made up of a fine polyester one that is pretty easy to clean too. It isn’t only gorgeous the fabric appears to be durable too.

    πŸ‘Extreme Comfort

    It is as irresistibly comfortable as it first looks. The armrests as well as the seat are all padded with extra cushions. You can even sleep on this particular recliner sofa recliner for hours.

    πŸ‘Wall Hugger Recliner

    The recliner doesn’t seem to occupy too much space although it is big enough to hold taller folks. But it definitely needs 4-inch clearance from the wall.

    RECLINER NO. 7 –Β Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Hogan Oversized Recliner – Mocha

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Upholstery is extremely softβœ“Β Assembled width: 59 inches
    βœ“Β Seat, arm, and back are overstuffedβœ“Β Assembled height: 44 inches
    βœ“Β Zero wall reclinerβœ“Β Assembled length: 41 inches
    βœ“Β Recliner weight: 129 pounds


    πŸ‘Super Spacious

    However fat you may appear to be, the recliner is always there to cover you up. It’s so spacious and wide that you can afford to give some space to your pets too. They can recliner with you.

    πŸ‘As Comfortable As a Mattress

    The recliner isn’t only huge, it’s extremely cozy so much so that you can sleep on it. However in reclining position the chair gets even better. The color of the recliner is slightly darker than the one showed in picture. Your children would probably love it too for the chair is extremely roomy and buttery soft. As a matter of fact you can treat this recliner as a mini mattress for your child if not otherwise.

    πŸ‘Operates Manually

    The recliner doesn’t require any power outlet to turn it on. You can operate it anywhere anytime you want. The electric recliner causes immobility issues since you can’t take it wherever you want. The manual chair on the other hand is highly mobile and fits to your home decor needs.

    πŸ‘ŽTHINGS YOU probably DON’T LIKE☹️ 

    πŸ‘ŽThe Stuffing is too Soft

    βžͺΒ While the overall appearance of the recliner is pretty decent, the stuffing at the back seat is probably too soft to maintain its original shape. For instance, when you get up after prolonged sitting you’d possibly see your chair backrest has conformed to your body shape.

    πŸ‘ŽThe Material can Get Too Hot

    βžͺΒ If you live in relatively humid regions then you’d probably feel like your recliner’s fabric gets too hot especially in warmer months. You gotta watch out for that.

    πŸ‘ŽGap between the Seat and the Backrest

    βžͺΒ There’s a reasonable gap between the backrest and the seat so your stuff can get down to the bottom if you’ve got one. Sometimes your children can place some toys or stuff like that on the seat which would slip to the bottom of the chair.

    πŸ‘ŽFabric is Pretty Hard to Clean

    βžͺΒ The recliner is made from microfiber so it holds on to just about every tiny food particle or dust. Therefore, you’ve got to clean it almost everyday.

    RECLINER NO. 8 –Β Catnapper Teddy Bear Oversized Chaise Swivel Recliner in Saddle

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    [Key Features]


    βœ“Β Swivel Glideβœ“Β Assembled width: 42 inches
    βœ“Β Pillow Soft Chaise Pad Seatβœ“Β Assembled height: 40 inches
    βœ“Β Rockerβœ“Β Assembled length: 43 inches
    βœ“Β Wall huggerβœ“Β recliner weight: 115 pounds
    βœ“Β 100% polyester
    βœ“Β Padded foam back
    βœ“Β Heavy 8-gauge sinuous steel springs


    πŸ‘Sinking in Clouds

    It’s not only quite sturdy and durable, the recliner is all too good to spend time either in watching television series or taking a short nap. The seat measures about 21 inches across but you can definitely make it wider by pushing over the cushions. It’s so cozy that you feel like you’d be laying in a cloud. The recliner’s seat is so wide that your butt will probably swing in the thing.

    πŸ‘Almost a Gravity Chair

    Yeah that’s right, this chair is nearly a gravity chair as it allows you to raise your legs just above the waist when you’re fully reclined. However, the armrests are just a little too short to cover your elbow which is possibly the only downside.

    πŸ‘Plastic Sliders on the Bottom

    It has got plastic sliders on its bottom to prevent any kind of skinning on your laminate floor. Plus, it becomes less noisy and irritating as you slide it over.

    πŸ‘ŽTHINGS YOU probably DON’T LIKE☹️ 

    πŸ‘ŽSlightly Cheaper Plastic Base

    βžͺΒ While the overall built quality is quite impressive the base of the chair is made of plastic board which according to us is a little frustrating. You can however fix this by making another one of real wood so your recliner holds up the way you want.


    1️⃣ While most oversized wall hugger recliners do not take too much space, a few actually do, although they claim otherwise. Therefore, you’ve got to make sure if your recliner is just a few inches from the wall so it meets its purpose.

    2️⃣ The upholstery of the chair does appear to contribute to the overall robustness of the chair. There are certain recliners that use microfiber which isn’t bad but it does hold on to every tiny particle. If you choose a chair upholstered with microfiber you’ll probably have to clean it up just about every day.

    3️⃣ You’ve got to make sure if there’s a gap between the back seat and backrest. We have come across a few oversized wall hugger recliners that do have a gap. This can be frustrating when your kids place some toys on the chair and the same slip right into the bottom.

    4️⃣ The chair ought to have plastic sliders so that your chair doesn’t skin either your laminate floor or you.

    5️⃣ The best oversized wall hugger recliner must demonstrate smooth and more importantly quiet functioning.

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