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12 Black Recliners under $200 in 2024

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Over time people have been increasingly searching for the best black recliners under 200 dollars on the internet which is why we have come up with some of the best deals on black recliners. Our editors have chosen cheap black recliner chairs one that gives you comfort and luxury together with the reasonable price. The list includes mostly black leather recliners that perfectly complements your living room furniture. We’ll single out distinguishing features of each of the recliner as well as its possible downsides so you get to know just about anything before actually buying one for your living room. Before you dive deep you might fancy checking out our most inexpensive recliners under $100 on Amazon.

12 Black Recliners under $200

RECLINER NO. 1 – Best Selling Leather Recliner Club Chair

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👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The assembly is super easy. ⛔ The seat is slightly low.
✅ It doesn’t take too much space. ⛔ Shorter individuals might feel just a little uncomfortable.
✅ It reclines back fully so you can keep your legs elevated.
✅ You can watch television too.
✅ It has got quite narrow arms which is quite handy because wider arms appear to take too much extra space.
✅ Solid and compact. You can extend your feet.
✅ The recliner is durable.

Distinguishing Features:👍

Best Selling Leather Recliner Club Chair

 Room Space

 Compared to most other recliners including the expensive chairs, the Club Chair doesn’t seem to occupy too much space in your room. You can place it around the corner.

 If your room isn’t quite big then we highly recommend you buy this piece for you won’t regret it.

The side arms are pretty narrow—one of the reasons why it doesn’t take space. Most people would want to place their recliners around the corner. If that is so, then the Club Chair recliner is probably the best possible choice for you provided your budget is below two hundred dollars. However if you can afford to buy slightly expensive chairs you’d probably want to check out our super collection of recliners under 300 dollars.

 Modern Decent Look

 While it generally depends on the type of your furniture the Chair Club recliner does seem to adjust itself with your living room furnishing. The black color of the recliner sometimes offers an absolute contrast to your furniture—indeed adding up to your home décor. The only downside of a black chair is that it gets dirt one that becomes obvious too.

 Full Reclining Ability

 It has got every fundamental function one expects from a basic recliner. The recliner leans to the full whilst allowing your feet to extend so that you lie down or use it as a bed. Moreover, you can also watch television sitting on it.

The only probable downside of a Club Chair is that its seat is just too deep for shorter individuals. But this too can be adjusted if you put soft cushions underneath you.

 Easy to Move

 The recliner’s weight is only 52.9 lbs which is four to five times lesser than those of thousand dollar chairs. You can move the chair quite effortlessly and place it where you want it to be. Its mobility makes it stand out among the rest of the cheap recliners.

 Highly Durable

 Chair Club recliner is a solid compact chair with sturdy feet resembling 80’s furniture. It has a traditional old look of a chair but doesn’t compromise the strength and stability it offers.

 You can lean as far back as you can and it doesn’t matter how heavy you are, the chair will take care of yourself.

⚠ Note: The odor of leather is pretty strong in the first few days when you unpack it, however, it’ll probably go off each passing day. One way to get away with this smell is to leave the recliner in your garage or garden (for 3 to 4 of days) when the odor is fresh.

RECLINER NO. 2 – Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

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👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Highly elegant and flexible chair one that can be used to watch your super bowl match. ⛔ It can accommodate even the 6-foot tall individual.
✅ The recliner comes with all the necessary tools to assemble it. ⛔ The seat is slightly hard and you’ll probably need to add some cushions to make it softer.
✅ Simple assembly with an estimated time of 30 minutes. ⛔ A new recliner has a typical leather smell that lasts days.
✅ It has a manual stopper which allows you to stop when you want it to be.
✅ The leather is all soft and the chair is comfortable.
✅ Attractive and pleasing appearance.
✅ Fits perfectly in your small room.
✅ It can even swivel in the limited space of your room.
✅ The back is pretty decent too and the chair reclines smoothly.

Distinguishing Features👍

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black LeatherSoft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

Easy Assembly & Flexible

 The assembly is pretty easy and the best thing is that the chair comes with all the tools necessary to put it together. It’ll take you only 25 to 30 minutes to assemble the entire chair.

 Unlike other recliners, the Black Leathersoft Recliner can be used for several purposes such as you can work on your laptop, you can watch your favorite shows and so on. You can replace it with your couch because the recliner serves quite many purposes.

The black color literally adds elegance to your home furniture at a pretty reasonable price. If you’re interested in sectionals under 300 dollars you’ll be glad to see the list.

Extra Light & Soft

 The recliner is super light in weight measuring up to 44 pounds only. You can take it to the garage or perhaps garden to relax in an open air.

 Although the recliner leather isn’t genuine it does offer squishy and soft seat. You can sit for hours and it won’t bother you. However, you’d like to add pillow cushion to make it real soft or you’ll feel metal bars (slightly) underneath your seat.

A Soundless Chair with No Auto Function

 The recliner doesn’t make any sound during swiveling. Furthermore, the adjustable stopper allows you to stop your recliner in a midway for you don’t have to lean all the way back or up. The manual stopper is all you need in a recliner. The automated complex mechanism sometimes adds to your problems when they start malfunctioning.

Good for Hardwood Floors

 Many recliners seem to have feet made up of metal and when you move them they don’t only leave scratches on your floor—they also make noise. Well, in this recliner the feet are all covered with leather, making it almost soundless and smooth to drag on the hardwood floor.

Perfect High Back

 The high back of a recliner provides just the ideal support for your neck and upper shoulder. Taller individuals and those who fancy sleeping on a chair will definitely find it a reasonably good recliner.

RECLINER NO. 3 – Giantex Swivel Recliner Chair with Footrest Stool Ottoman, PVC Leather Lounge Armchair, 360 Degree Swivel Overstuffed Padded Seat Chair, Leather Recliner and Ottoman Set

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👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
360 Degree Swivel Seat. ⛔ The assembly is slightly difficult.
✅ It can be used for a variety of purposes like in your place of business or simply in recreation room. ⛔ Reclining is slightly difficult for elderly. 
✅ High-density padding in the cushion, armrests, backrest and cushion.
✅ The chair has pretty solid and durable structure.
✅ Great value for the price.
✅ Long-lasting swivel mechanism.
✅ It comes with extra ottoman to meet your needs.


Distinguishing Features👍

Giantex PU Leather Executive Chair Leisure Recliner Swivel Furniture w/Ottoman

Extremely Cozy Chair

Although the assembly is just a little time consuming but once you’ve assembled it all you’ll find it far more comfortable than most other recliners at the same price.

Padded Armrests, Cushion, and Backrest

Perhaps thanks to the padded cushions on its armrests and backrest that makes the chair standout among its counterparts. You’ll probably feel like you’ve got an expensive piece of furniture in your living room.

Durable Sturdy Frame

The recliner’s frame is made of solid steel and it’s surely durable. The compact built of the chair enables it to go by many years without causing any issues whatsoever. Plus, the reclining mechanism is way too robust and long-lasting that you probably don’t have to worry about it…i mean not at all!

RECLINER #4 – Dorel Living Savanna Pushback Recliner

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👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The recliner has reasonable size. It’s neither too big nor too small to accommodate average individual. ⛔ The backrest isn’t high enough to provide neck support.
✅ It’s pretty handy for school or college student.
✅ You can easily disassemble it in minutes if you plan to move it.
✅ The chair responds well to slim individuals.
✅ It has multi-position pushback mechanism.

Distinguishing Features👍

Dorell Living Savannah Pushback Recliner

Faux-Leather Upholstered

 The Dorel Living recliner is all upholstered with fine leather fabric featuring outstanding shine that’ll probably match your living room furniture. The traditional look of a chair resembles 1990’s furniture in that the simplicity reflects on the decent home décor.

Solid Wooden Feet

 It has robust feet on which the entire recliner stands without wobbling. You can push the chair instead of lifting it; its feet will carry the load.

Comfortable Recliner

 The recliner is just as comfortable as most expensive chairs are. The comfy chair comes with a firmer structure. However if you are around six feet in height then you probably feel just a little uncomfortable particularly when your neck isn’t going to be supported by the recliner’s back.

RECLINER #5 – Best Choice Products PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman w/Control, 5 Heat & Massage Modes, 45lbs

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Pretty powerful massaging and heat features. ⛔ There’s a bit of chemical smell that lasts in the first 6 to 7 days.
✅ Very strong vibration at the foot rest. ⛔ The ottoman is slightly small for bigger individuals.
✅ The wireless remote doesn’t require any battery. It’s actually wired to the recliner.
✅ Clear instructions to install the chair.
✅ It has a side pocket pouch where you can put your remote wireless massage controller.
✅ The back support and the armrests are all padded with soft cushions. The double padding makes it super comfy.
✅ Great value for the price.

Distinguishing Features👍

Best Choice Products PU Leather Massage Recliner Ottoman w/ Control, 5 Heat & Massage Modes, 45lbs (Black)

Detachable Footrest

✓ The recliner has footrest which can be disconnected at will. While it doesn’t really affect the massage activity, if you feel like it does, you may detach it to connect it later. The footrest may seem shorter for big individuals therefore, the detachable option is vital.

No Horrid Smell

 While every brand new thing let alone furniture has its typical smell, the recliner’s smell isn’t so pungent as you’d probably expect. The smell is particularly strong in the first week but as days go by the intensity decreases. Nonetheless, if you still wish to get rid of any probable smell you can just spray vinegar with water and the smell goes away in just few days.

Outstanding Massage

 The recliner doesn’t seem to massage your deep tissues but it’s pretty effective in heating your back support. The heating and vibration is only moderate which isn’t bad for most people. You can also check out our diverse kinds of recliners in different colors under $200.

Great Choice for Your Kids

 The Best Choice Leather Massage Recliner is pretty good choice for your kids too. Your kid can watch T.V. or play some video games whilst sitting on a recliner. The chair is quite flexible.

 RECLINER #6 – FDW Wingback Recliner Chair Leather Single Modern Sofa Home Theater Seating for Living Room

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👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ You don’t have to use a lever every time you want to recline. ⛔ Pretty hard to clean oily hands on the couch.
✅ The recliner chair is all comfortable. ⛔ The chair is slim so a bulky individuals can barely fit into it.
✅ It isn’t big. You can easily move it. ⛔ It doesn’t recline to the full.
✅ No complex reclining mechanism or remote control.
✅ Pretty simple assembly. It will take your 5 minutes only to assemble the chair.
✅ Ideal for college students.


Distinguishing Features👍

New Black Modern Leather Chaise Couch Single Recliner Chair Sofa Furniture

High Back and Armrest

 Unlike most other inexpensive recliners, the Chaise Couch recliner has a high back and armrest. Furthermore, the armrests are just a little wider to give the additional support. The high armrests are pretty handy for taller individuals as they don’t have to adjust themselves according to the chair.

 The high back provides perfect comfort and stable support to your upper back as well as to lower lumbar area.

Ideal for Students Too

 The chair is pretty slim. It will easily accommodate college students in fact the Chaise Couch recliner is perfect for teens. The reasonable price and the luxury it provides make it really treat to offer.

A Lever-less Simple Recliner

 Most recliners aren’t only expensive—they are pretty complex too. How many times have you seen or heard people popping off the recliner lever or pull handle whilst they are enjoying super bowl championship? The complex recliners bring along many other downsides such as their footrest springs get malfunctioning; the adjusting mechanism gets stuck, or recliner itself stops leaning all of a sudden. In Chaise Couch recliner such malfunctioning is least likely to arise for the chair is too simple to cause you in these troubles.

Perfect Foot Extension

 Given the price, the recliner is all good for extending your foot. The footrest is so designed that it ideally alleviates your feet together with its calf to the desired level. You can do a number of different activities whilst leaning half back. You’ll be able to watch your favorite shows, sleep, relax or lounge on it without pulling any handle or pressing button whatsoever.

 The chair isn’t only ideally built for your home business; in fact you can use it in your office too. It has a stable wooden frame that can probably last many years without causing any troubles.

RECLINER #7 – Recliner Chair Modern Leather Chaise Couch Single Accent Recliner Chair Sofa

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Absolutely ideal for relaxing, sleeping, or even watching T.V. ⛔ The Footrest is pretty short.
✅ Solid and durable chair. ⛔ The arms are just a little too low for older individuals to lift up. 
✅ The chair almost reclines to the full.
✅ Straightforward assembly.
✅ Comfortable and soft leather seat.

Distinguishing Features👍

Perfect for your Bedroom

 While it generally depends on your mood as to where you wish to place the recliner, we recommend you putting in bedroom for it’ll probably set the overall tone of your entire living or bedroom. Plus, the black color of the chair renders it rather universal to place it in just about any room.

Easy to Move

 The 58-pound recliner isn’t too heavy to move. It fits into any medium or even small sized room. However, this particular isn’t made to go against the wall.

Super Cozy

 The chair is extremely comfortable primarily built for relaxing your overall body. However, the seat is just a little too deep but that’s something you can fix by putting soft pillows behind your back. If you’re around 5’5” then you’d probably need some extra cushions.

RECLINER #8 – Best Choice Products Upholstered Leather Recliner Club Chair

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ Pretty decent, stylish and modern design. ⛔ Strong odor of faux leather.
✅ The chair is all comfortable putting together.
✅ The back seat reclines right under the curve of your head.
✅ Smooth and nearly soundless mechanics.
✅ The chair fits perfectly into small rooms.
✅ If you won’t lounge the back support is pretty comfortable.

Distinguishing Feature👍

 Innovative Design

 The chair features the stylish and modern design one that hides the adjusting mechanism of the chair as well as its footrest. The footrest fits into the chair rather perfectly.

Easy-to-Clean Upholstery

 The upholstery stuff isn’t only durable and modern—it is easy to clean too. Kids often rub their oily hands on the upholstery.

RECLINER #9 – Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat Black PU Leather Living Room Recliner Modern Recliner Sofa Seat

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The easy-to-clean leather isn’t going to irritate your skin any way. It’s pretty skin friendly. ⛔ Some people may find the headrest a little shorter.
✅ It has relatively wider armrests. But they aren’t too wide to occupy large space. You can fit chair into the corner of any room.
✅ The back support is quite dense—giving you an extra bit of comfort.
✅ The seller offers a lifetime exchange warranty.
✅ The chair is all manually operated so you don’t have to learn complicated automatic functions.
✅ It works pretty well for your teenage son or daughter.

Distinguishing Features👍

High Quality Materials

 The leather is made up of some of the finest materials such as its leather. The quality of leather is such that it can be easily cleaned and it probably won’t create any sort of itching problems to your skin. The seat leather is pretty smooth.


 The modern-looking footrest is made up of durable steel frame that likely lasts years. You may use it in a way you want like watching your favorite shows on T.V. or simply relaxing.

Reclining Position

 The chair reclines fully so you can lie down. Its thick sponge and padded foam will probably relax your back muscles. You can nap; you can sleep, and you can sit on it.


👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ The chair reclines all the way down to the sleeping position. ⛔ It takes just a little too much space from the wall.
✅ The armrests and its padded seat are wider than most other recliners within the same price range.
✅ The chair has quite stable hardwood frame.
✅ You can rock the chair only when you push it.
✅ It has pretty decent size; neither too big nor too small.

Distinguishing Features👍

Greater in Width

 The overall chair is pretty wide so as its armrests. The only downside is that the chair occupies extra space and you just can’t place it against the wall. However, greater width means the recliner can accommodate bulky individuals quite easily.

Durability and Rocker

The recliner can act as a rocker chair if you push it so. The durability is quite impressive and the chair doesn’t even wobble. The hardwood frame is most likely to last many years before causing any issue whatsoever.

RECLINER #11 – Merax Power Massage Reclining Chair with Heat and Massage Heated Vibrating Massage Recliner

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ It has eight powerful massage motors.  ⛔ It takes space slightly greater than slim recliners
✅ The chair offers you a remote control as well that can be used to control the massage intensity.
✅ You can extend your legs on its footrest.
✅ The headrest is particularly thick and padded. It is highly ideal for alleviating neck pain.
✅ The quality of the leather is so soft that it feels like butter.
✅ The chair massages your legs, thighs, lumbar support and back.
✅ It has also the side pocket on its right side.

Distinguishing Features👍

Side Pocket

✓ The recliner has a pretty useful side pocket one that can accommodate many small things apart from that remote control. You can also put your cell phone inside the side pocket.

 Magnificent Mattress-Like Seats

✓ The recliner is made of finest leather quality and fabric. The black shine of the chair will literally enhance your overall living room décor. Not only does it shine, the seat itself is so soft and foamy that it seems like you’re sitting on your mattress. It’s an absolute ideal for relaxation, napping, sitting, and sleeping.

Custom Remote Options

✓ The remote doesn’t only have many different options, it’s actually super easy to use. Just play with it and you’ll get to know each and every function. The custom settings allow you use it in a way you want it to be. You can set the massage on lumbar; you can set it on legs, or you can simply target your back. Just to let you know that ‘Warm’ option is pretty handy for relaxing your muscles.

Five Massage Modes

✓ The five massage modes are all customizable that is to say that you can set the intensity levels for each massage individually. After 8-hour prolonged sitting in your office hours you can just lean all the way back whilst extending your feet on the footrest. The massage motors will do the rest. The footrest is all too modern and easy to use.

RECLINER #12 – Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Black Lounger Leather Sofa Seat Home Theater 

👍Things You Like 
👎 Things You Don’t Like 😢
✅ It has a foldable footrest. ⛔ The chair’s feet will probably leave some scratches on your floor as you move it.
✅ Thick padded back support.
✅ The chair has solid structure with heavy-duty iron pipe.
✅ Highly recommended for small room space. You can place it around the corner of your mini bedroom.
✅ It does recline pretty far back.
✅ The chair is absolutely ideal for your kids.
✅ Nice material is used and it’ll probably blend well with your home theater furniture.
✅ The leather doesn’t seem to have any strong smell.

Distinguishing Features👍

Flexible Footrest

✓ The footrest isn’t only foldable, it’s lockable too. All you have to do is to push back on the back of recliner and the leg rest will stop. It’s a pretty handy feature particularly when you feel pain in your calf and you don’t want your legs to go either all the way up or down.

Padded Back Seat

✓ Thanks to the thick padded back seat which allows your neck and back muscles to relax after long working hours at your office. It’ll probably leave quite soothing effects on your overall body.

Highly Versatile

✓ The Quick Switch Design of the chair renders it rather flexible in its usage. You can control as to how much you must lean back while lifting the footrest. Thus, people of all ages can use it.

Super Durability

✓ One of the biggest advantages of this recliner is its solid durable structure which is made of heavy-duty iron pipe. The iron frame is powerful enough to lift 250 pounds of weight.

Cheap Black Recliners under $200

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