How to Choose a Fabric for your Recliner

Choosing a fabric for a recliner isn’t that challenging especially if you know what to consider prior to buying one. Cleanability, wearability, and comfort are the three primary considerations before buying a fabric. If you rarely use your recliner (which is obviously not quite possiible) you may choose a delicate fabric one that looks amazing but not very durable. However, if you are like everybody else and you frequently sit, relax, or even sleep on your chair then you’ll need a sturdy fabric that can be easily cleaned.

You don’t place your recliner outdoor but if you do you should also consider if the fabric can potentially be exposed to the sunlight. Typically you can easily clean frequent stains on a leather chair. Furthermore, you also need a fabric that feels super comfortable to your skin. If a slipcover looks great and is also easy to be cleaned but it fails to serve its primary purpose that is to provide you comfort, the fabric is useless.

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