10 Small Recliner Chairs for Kids – Children’s Recliners with Cup Holder

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Our editors have researched some of the best 10 recliner chairs for kids with cup holders as well as storage arms. All these recliners display different and unique colors so you get to choose precisely what you wish to buy. The bright-colored recliners likely matches your kid’s bedroom furniture and it will probably attract your child’s attention. Kids love to have red, green, blue, brown, and black chairs in their room. Let us study each of these recliners in detail.

Best👍10 Small Recliner Chairs for Kids with Cup Holders & Storage Arms – All Time Best Children’s Recliners with Cup Holder – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2020

RECLINER #1 | Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest (3 – 9 years)

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Key Features


 Easy to Clean  90 lb. Weight Capacity
 Solid Hardwood Frame  27 Pounds Weight
 Raised Black Plastic Feet  Height 27 inches
 Child Sized Recliner  Width 36.5 inches
 Plush Padding for Extra Comfort  Length 24 inches
 Cup Holder in Armrest
 CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
 Added Durability

Things You’ll Like

👍From Baby to Grown Up Kids

While the recliner may seem to be made for small kids or toddlers it does nevertheless accommodate 3 and 5 year age kids pretty easily. It has plenty of room and a useful cup holder. This particular chair is for kids around 0 to 6 years age.

👍16 Different Colors

There is a range of different colors available for the chair. You may choose the one you wish to match with your kids’ bedroom furniture settings. If your kid is a girl then you’d probably be buying the pink or purple recliner and so on.

👍Replaceable Top Pillow

 One of the best things about the recliner is that it has replaceable top pillow. If you feel like it’s worn out or pretty hard on you all you need to do is to pull back from the Velcro that keeps it in place. It is indeed a pretty handy feature.

👍Super Easy to Clean

 One of the common problems with the kids’ recliner is that it’s likely to get grubby as kids love to drink milk, water or enjoy snacks on the chair whilst watching their favorite super hero movies. Therefore, getting the recliner clean is just about every day’s job. Luckily, this recliner’s vinyl appears to be easy to wipe down at the end of the day. You can use damp or warm cloth to clean the chair.

👍Cushy and Comfortable

 The recliner doesn’t only offer a plenty of room for your kids; it’s super comfortable too. Your kids can afford to lean on it all day long. Besides, the chair is affordable as well as adorable.

👍Highly Durable

 The durability and solid frame of the chair is all too obvious to be doubted. The remarkable matte finish leather together with its solid hardwood frame renders it highly durable chair that can last years.

👍Super Simple Assembly

 The assembly of this chair is far too easy to put together. All you have to do is to snap the back of the chair into the recliner’s seat and that’s it. It’ll take you minutes to set all of it.


RECLINER #2 | Kids Recliner with Cup Holder Brown Leather Sofa Chair Recliners Chairs for Children (2 to 7 years)

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Key Features


 Easy to Clean PU surface with damp cloth  Seat Height: 13”
 Stylish and Modern Recliner  Weight: 26 lbs.
 Ideal for Sleeping, Lounging, and Relaxation  Weight Capacity: 110 lbs.
 Strong Wooden Frame  Color: Black Leather/Brown Leather
 Space-Saving and Light Weight Recliner

Things You’ll Like

👍Remarkable Built Quality

➪ Not only does the quality of the leather is at par, the chair’s overall structure and sturdy wooden frame is so outstanding that it can be compared with any adult recliners. The recliner is all stocky and solid for kids.

👍Outstanding Color

➪ The recliner has an unmistakable brown color one that camouflages with your home décor. Plus, it is most likely to blend with your floor tiles or living room furniture. Just to let you know that real recliner is slightly darker than the one in picture.

👍Very Little Smell

➪ When you open the box, the first thing you’ll probably feel is its leathery smell which is typical of new recliners. But this smell isn’t long lasting. You can get rid of it by placing the chair somewhere in the open air for about two days.

👍Recommended for 5 to 6 Years Age

➪ The reason why our editors have recommended this chair only for particular aged kids is that it doesn’t have reclining lever. In recliners with levers you can just pull down the handle and the seat pushes back itself. However, in a lever-less recliner the kid must push back on the seat himself/herself to reach down and pull the footrest up. A 2-year-old kid is least likely to push the chair itself thus it isn’t practically viable for toddlers.

👍Assemble without Tools

➪ The recliner’s assembly is too simple to be done with tools. All you need to do is to slide the back seat onto some brackets. It’s pretty simple.

👍Reclining Positions & Footrest

➪ Thanks to the variety of reclining positions, your kids can definitely fancy choosing three reclining positions including sitting upright as well as leaning back. They aren’t going to get bored or tired of their chair.

RECLINER #3 | Flash Furniture Contemporary Hot Pink Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder (2 to 7 years)

Key Features


 Plush Padding for Extra Comfort  Weight: 28 pounds
 Solid Hardwood Frame  Height: 21 inches
 Child Sized Recliner  Width: 21 inches
 Reclines only when a kid is in Seated Position  Length: 26 inches
 Pink Vinyl Upholstery
 Easy to Clean with Damp Cloth
 CA117 Fire Retardant Foam

Things You’ll Like 

👍Best for Toddlers

➪ The recliner is highly recommended for kids around the age of 10 to 18 months. The reason why it’s best for toddlers is that the wooden frame isn’t strong enough to support bigger kids. Besides, the chair doesn’t seem to offer too much space for 4 or 5 year age kids.

👍Great Value & Easy to Clean

➪ There is no doubt about that chair is a great value for the price and it’s pretty easy to clean too. As you know that a toddler can get his or her milk spill all over the chair too often. Therefore, you’re required to get the chair that can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. You’re going to have clean it up just about every day you know that don’t you?

👍Very Soft Leatherette

➪ The material of the seat is extremely soft one that serves toddlers exceptionally well. The highly plush and soft leatherette is all too easy to be cleaned with a damp cloth. You don’t have to worry about your kids getting their head or fingers caught into the seat. The chair is super soft. Of course you mustn’t leave your grandson or granddaughter unattended.

👍Pretty Big Cup Holder

➪ The cup holder is big enough to hold baby’s snacks or sippy cups. You can also put some mini toys inside the cup holder.

👍Probably Suited to your Baby Girl

➪ While it generally depends on your preference for the color, the shocking pink color is mostly for the baby girls. It’s quite normal to buy pink recliner for your daughter instead of a son.

👍A Sliding Seat

➪ Compared to other recliners, the seat of the Hot Pink Vinyl Recliner is relatively shorter. But there is a reason to it that is the baby can slide out of it easily when the chair isn’t in a reclining position. You kid is probably going to enjoy sliding over and over again.

RECLINER #4 | Deluxe Heavily Padded Contemporary Brown Microfiber Kids Recliner with Storage Arms (1 to 7 years)

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Key Features


 Plush Padding for Extra Comfort  Weight: 32 pounds
 Durable Brown Microfiber Upholstery  Height: 21 inches
 Easy to Clean Upholstery  Length: 26 inches
 Additional Headrest  Width 21 inches

Things You’ll Like

👍Ideal for Your Home Decor 

➪ The brown-colored recliner is most likely to match your living room as well as bedroom furniture. Many a times you have a couch and ottoman in brown color shades and if that is so then the brown recliner is probably going to add much to your furniture. Nevertheless, if you have black furniture (in your kids’ room) then your recliner is going to hit the trend in contrast.

👍Finest Material

➪ You’d be glad to have one in your room not because it’s decent and comfortable than most other chairs, the material is outstanding. Your kid isn’t going to catch any skin itching disease at all.

👍Big Storage Pockets

➪ Prominent among its features are big storage pockets which are way bigger than cup holders. It can accommodate just about anything from kids’ drinks or snacks to his/her toys he wishes to have on his recliner. The recliner is particularly made for toddlers and since you know that toddlers rarely stay still. One way to make them sit on a recliner is to put some toys inside the pockets. Although the armrests do slightly bother when they open up but that isn’t going to create too many problems for your kids.

👍Cozy and Cushy

➪ The chair is so cozy that your child can sleep on it. In fact, people who have bought this chair often share their experiences that their 2 or 4 year old kid falls sleep while sitting on the recliner. The upholstery of the recliner is extremely soft.

👍Super Easy to Clean

➪ The chair is made of super quality fabric one that can be cleaned effortlessly and in a few minutes. If your kid has spilled milk or some food over the recliner then you can take a warm damp wash cloth to clean it up. Your chair will be as good as brand new. Furthermore, you can also use vacuum to clean up any cat’s or dog’s hair.

👍Super Easy to Use

➪ Leaving aside the fact that your kids cannot recline on their own precisely due to the lack of pull handle, they can however get in and out of the chair without any help whatsoever. The 15-inch recliner is just the ideal height for your kid. Even your 12 or 13 months old kid can get off as well as climb up the chair pretty easily.

RECLINER #5 | Kidz World 554651 Disney’s Mickey Mouse Kids Recliner Clubhouse, Red (1 to 7 years)

Key Features


 Wider Armrests  Weight: 32 lbs.
 Over-Stuffed Backrest  Height: 24 inches
 Solid Red Fabric  Width: 24.25 inches
 Steel Reclining Mechanism  Length: 28.5 inches

Things You’ll Like 

👍Highly Foamy Backrest

➪ The backrest is extremely soft and cushy. Your kids can afford to just strike their head against the backrest or do something like that for fun. They won’t get hurt in any way. Plus, the padded backrest gives them extra comfort so they can fall sleep on the chair.

👍Red Fabric for Added Appeal

➪ The recliner is almost entirely covered with red fabric. It’s not only the wider armrests and footrests that are red, the back surface is all red too. The blue-colored seat is just the ideal contrast to the chair not to mention Mickey’s photo on the backrest.

👍Unique Armrests’ Design

➪ The armrests are pretty wide too, however they do not necessarily occupy too much space precisely due to their design. They are wider at the top but as we go down, the armrest get narrower. Therefore, it doesn’t take any extra space. Besides, the front surface is but flat too.

👍Solid Red Fabric

➪ The red fabric of the chair weighing 7 oz. is extremely solid and it can’t be easily torn away by your kids. So, you just relax and see how your kids spend time on the Mickey’s recliner.

RECLINER #6 | Flash Furniture Contemporary Brown Leather Kids Recliner with Cup Holder (1 to 6 years)

Key Features


 Easy to Clean  90 lb. Weight Capacity
 Solid Hardwood Frame  28 Pounds Weight
 Raised Black Plastic Feet  Height 21 inches
 Child Sized Recliner  Width 21 inches
 Plush Padding for Extra Comfort  Length 26 inches
 Cup Holder in Armrest
 CA117 Fire Retardant Foam
 Added Durability

Things You’ll Like 

👍Absolutely Soft Seat

➪ The recliner’s seat is so soft that your kid can afford to jump on it right from the armrests just like a trampoline. We do not however recommend this practice your kid can get injury.

👍Easy to Lean—Easy to Clean

➪ The recliner has an outstanding material quality. It can be easily cleaned with the damp cloth just like other kids’ recliners. The chair is a great size and your kid can get on himself as well as get off pretty effortlessly.

👍5-Minute Assembly

➪ Unless you’re extremely slow mover, it’ll only take you less than five minutes to put the entire recliner together. There will probably be two pieces that you’re going to get on shipment. You’ll be most likely to receive the fully assembled chair except for its feet which you can easily screw it.

👍Durable & Sturdy

➪ The chair is so robust and sturdy that even adult can sit on it however, the recliner isn’t really recommended for big kids. Your kid may be able to use the chair for as long as 8 or 9 years age but not longer. The recliner will probably last five to six years.

RECLINER #7 | Childs Sports Upholstered Recliner, Children’s Reclining Armchair W Cup Holder, Chair That Reclines for Children, Kids Gender Neutral Bedroom Furniture, Child Toddler Seating for Girls and Boys (3 to 7 years)

Key Features


 Sporting theme pattern on the backseat   Weight: 30 lbs.
 Plush Padded Seat   Height: 13.5 inches
 Hardwood Frame
 Perfect Holiday Gift

Things You’ll Like

👍Sturdy Chair

➪ The chair is absolutely sturdy. Its durability is above par which is why the price is slightly higher than most other kids’ recliners. Plus, the recliner is strong enough to accommodate the child of just about any age. We do however recommend this recliner for you don’t have to compromise the price over your kids’ safety do you?

👍Highly Attractive Fabric

➪ The recliner’s fabric is terrific not only in its quality but also in an outlook. if your child loves sports which he or she probably does then this’d be a great chair to have one in the kid’s bedroom so it reflects on the overall personality of your kid. The mixed pattern of soccer and baseball renders it really attractive for the kids.

👍Easy to Clean

➪ The recliner’s fabric is highly kid friendly for it can be cleaned pretty easily with a damp cloth using mild soap and water.

RECLINER #8 | Costzon Kids Recliner Sofa, Deluxe Padded Armchair Headrest with Storage Arms (Brown) (3 to 12 years)

Key Features


 Sturdy Wooden Frame  Weight: 31 lbs
 Deluxe Comfort & Recliner  Weight Capacity: 110 lbs
 Flip-Up Storage Arms  Material: Wooden Frame
 Smooth Movement
 Easy to Clean
 Durable Black PU Leather
 Plush Padding for Extra Comfort

Things You’ll Like 

👍Durability above Par

➪ The solid wooden frame of the recliner makes it durable and reliable. The sofa recliner is all filled with soft sponge that likely lasts many years. Your kids can jump or play on it without any worries.

👍Perfect Match for Your Furniture

➪ The chair comes in three different colors; gray, brown, and black. While it generally depends on your choice, you can select the color that doesn’t only blend with the bedroom’s furniture but also matches with your kid’s personality. All three colors are universal and they can be fit into just about any furniture.

👍Pretty Easy to Move

➪ The chair is only 31 pounds so your child can push it wherever he or she wants to place it. However, if you have a rug in your room then your child can’t drag it. In that case, you should carry it to a desired spot. It’s a light weight recliner but not light enough for your child to carry.

👍Extra Padding at Armrest & Headrest

➪ The chair has extra padding on the headrest as well as on the armrest preventing your child from causing any injury. Sometimes kids love to climb on the headrest and jump back into the seat just like they do on a trampoline. So, it’s a pretty handy feature.

RECLINER #9 | GentleShower Kids Recliner with Cup Holder Black Leather Sofa Chair Recliners Chairs for Children (2 to 7 years)

Key Features


 Super Quality ✓ Weight: 26 lbs
 Adjustable and Comfortable ✓ Weight Capacity: 110 lbs
 Great Christmas Gift ✓ Material: Wooden Frame
 Beautiful Cup Holder Design ✓ Black/Brown Leather
 Easy to Clean ✓ Seat Height: 13”
 Perfect for Sleeping, Lounging ✓ Footrest Height: 12”
 Stylish and Modern Recliner
 Space-Saving and Light Weight
 Strong Wood Frame

Things You’ll Like 

👍Excellent Built Quality

➪ The chair has an outstanding built quality—even at par with most other adult recliners. People usually say about this particular chair i.e. this recliner is too good to be a kids’ recliner. The solid wooden frame as well as the leather quality is exceptional. The leather is quite soft.

👍Multiple Reclining Positions  

➪ The chair has three reclining positions including sitting upright to leaning all the way back. The chair is so soft that it can become mattress for your kids.

👍Good for Reading Books

➪ If your kid is a book lover he or she will probably enjoy having this recliner. Like many other kids’ recliners, it has a cup holder too where a child can store some mini toys or books whilst enjoying watching his favorite shows.

👍Ideal Weight to Move

➪ Since the chair weighs only 26 pounds, your child can pull it to his desired spot without putting stress on their back. Many other recliners weigh greater than 30 pounds. So, it won’t be wrong assume that it’s one of the lightest recliners you can have in your room.

RECLINER #10 | Crew Furniture 649620 Traditional Child Recliner Jet Black (3 to 7 years)

Key Features


 Highly Durable ✓ Weight: 23 Pounds
 Ideal for Any Child ✓ Attractive Color
 Best for Watching T.V. ✓ Fully Assembled
 Comfortable Reclining
 Wood & Metal Construction
 Soft Polyester Microsuede

Things You’ll Like 

👍Super Soft Upholstery

➪ The recliner is all covered with a super soft polyester cover which has an extra padding and foam filling. The soft cover allows your kids to sit and lean in a way they fel comfortable.

👍Unique Tufted Button

➪ The back seat has tufted buttons which may be reminiscent of a traditional sofa buttons but they are quite safe for your kids. Unlike orthodox tufted buttons, the back seat of the Jet Black Recliner is stitched in round shape so as to give it a tufted-button look but it’s not actually a button. These are round stitches. The reason behind is that the traditional buttons can possibly cause choking hazard in kids when buttons fall off.

👍Universal Color

➪ The color of the recliner is universal in that the chair can be fit into just about living room or bedroom settings. If you’ve light-colored home decor then it’ll probably make a brilliant contrast to your furniture settings.

👍Fully Assembled Chair

➪ Unlike most other recliners, you don’t have to assemble the chair and since no assembly is required, your child can enjoy reclining straightaway. It’s probably one of the biggest advantages of Child Recliner Jet Black.

Small Recliner Chairs for Kids 2018 – Video

How to Choose the Right Recliner for Kids – Top 5 Things – Buyer’s Guide

We are going to guide you how you can choose the right small recliner chair for kids that do not only fit the personality of your child—it should be safe and durable too. There are certain things you need to check whilst buying leather recliner chairs for kids.

It Shouldn’t Recline on its Own

➪ While people fancy choosing chair that should push back on its own, we don’t really recommend it for kids. There is a reason why recliner’s manufacturers haven’t fixed the pull handle or a lever to recline the chair. Sometimes kids let alone toddlers can climb into the back seat. If a seat would recline itself then the kid may get hurt. Similarly, if a chair has pull handle then your kids might probably stand on the lever or fly right over the recliner’s arm pushing the back seat—he/she can get hurt in the process.

We always recommend that your kids should always rely on you for reclining. We know it can bother you but it’s better to prevent your child from any probable injury.

It Should be Bright-Colored

➪ It’d be rather preferable that you buy a recliner that has vivid appearance but it’s not really a rule of thumb. You can choose whatever you like. Children are mostly attracted to the bright-colored objects. Besides, the recliner ought to be the one that matches your kid’s bedroom settings. In our list of recliners, there are some chairs with printed patterns of your kid’s favorite cartoons or sports. This is probably one of the best ways to get your kid involved in a recliner.

Cup Holder & Storage Arms

➪ This is probably the most important thing in your small recliner chair for kids. You should buy the chair that has either storage arms or at least a cup holder so your kids can store some toys or put his/her milk bottle into it. It’s not an additional feature—it’s a must-have in your kid’s recliner. You may want the recliner with storage arms if you think your child loves to read books or he/she plays a lot with toys. The storage arms are also quite handy for toddlers because it’s hard to make them sit still on the recliner. You can just put some toys into the arms.

The recliner with cup holder is also quite handy in that you can put some snacks or sippy cups into it. Sometimes, cup holders are more useful than the deep storage pockets. When your kid likes to have a drink while watching his/her favorite shows on television then the recliner with cup holder would probably the better option. Besides, the storage arms take slightly more space than the one with cup holders. Nonetheless, storage arms are best for keeping your kids’ toys and just about anything.

Must be Easy to Clean

➪ Kids are most likely to spill the milk or some foodstuff over the recliner’s seat and if your recliner’s fabric isn’t really easy to clean up then your chair would probably dirty and old in just a couple of months. Therefore, we suggest you buy the one whose vinyl can be cleaned with the damp cloth so your recliner looks all better and new as it was on the first day.

Solid and Durable

➪ It should go without saying that the built quality and durability of the small recliner chair for kids must come first. You’re required to read the chair’s specifications and additional details to see if the recliner’s durability is above par with its quality. Your recliner must be the one that can bear the weight of grown-up kids too. All of these (above) recliners have got solid foundation and frame—even better than many adult recliners.

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