Tips on Buying a Recliner Chair

Everyone wants to experience comfort in the best way they can. With everyone having a long list of tasks to do or being swamped with a lot of paperwork, a taste of relaxation and rest can be ultimately satisfying. If you happen to have long days outside of your home or in your office, getting a recliner chair will definitely give you an unlimited treat whenever you need it, but the question is, how do you know which recliner to get? There are a lot of factors that you should consider when shopping for a recliner. Here are a couple of pointers that you can use to make sure that you get one that is suitable for you and your needs. 

A Useful Guide to Choosing a Recliner Chair to Buy

Recliners come in different shapes and sizes. It sports dozens to hundreds of designs. Following the steps below will get you the perfect choice of recliner to buy. 

Mind the size of your room

A common error that most people make is purchasing a recliner without checking if the recliner is a good fit for their desired location. Some people want their recliners placed in their living rooms, offices, lounges, and bedrooms. It is wise that you measure the space of your area to have a clear picture of how it is going to look like with the recliner there. Make sure to get your recliner’s dimensions too. It is important that you get the measurements of when it is fully reclined too especially if you are working in a small or limited space. You may want to check the measurements of your doors and passageways too to make sure it fits well and does not get damaged every time you need to move it from one location to another. 

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Get one for your build

Apart from making sure that the recliner fits your space, you have to also make sure that the recliner fits you perfectly. Recliners come in different shapes and sizes. If you have a build that is ranging from a small to a large frame, the average recliners may work for you. However, if you are on the larger and heavier side, you should go for one that has bigger dimensions. When getting the feel of the recliner, make sure that your feet are able to touch the floor when you are in a sitting position. Check to see that your headrest is snug and fit and more importantly, make sure that the space between the leg rest and seat is less than 5 inches. This has a lot to do with your body being placed in a comfortable position and making sure that it is fairly safe for kids and pets. 

Study its construction

When choosing a recliner, it is important that you check its overall construction and quality. It is wise to go for recliners with heavy screws that are tightly secured in their areas. It also helps to get one with quiet motors to make sure it does not get in the way of any activity that you may be doing. There are those that come with easy-to-use handles and levers, but if you want convenience at its finest, you can go for a powered recliner. This lets you automatically set your recliners to a comfortable position using a motor, this takes away the need for manual levers. It is also important to check the type of base your recliner has and the material used for it. Check on the layers of your chair and make sure that it has a mesh layer to make sure all of the other parts are protected from coils and springs. Once you have all these figured out, you can then move on to choosing the type of fabric used for your recliner. Get one that suits your preference in terms of ventilation and feel. 

Choose your features

Modern recliners have leveled up in terms of features as compared to traditional recliners. This gives you the option to choose whether you want a traditional or modern recliner. Consider aspects such as the base, do you want one with a glider or rocker base? Or would you rather go for one with a swivel base? Some recliners also come with massage features that can easily be adjusted to your preference. You can also get one with a built-in USB charger to eliminate the need to find an outlet for charging. If you are someone who wants to have it easier, you can then go get a powered recliner for the easiest and most convenient control options. 


Those that are mentioned above are just a few considerations that you should take in when purchasing a recliner. Apart from those, you have to learn about the different types and designs of recliners to know which one to get. It is also good to do your research on the most reliable and credible manufacturers to make sure you get value for your money. The search for the perfect recliner for you can be made easy by reading this easy-to-follow guide. Getting the perfect recliner can give you amazing changes in your life. 

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