How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Springs? – Super Simple Steps, Videos

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The broken recliner springs are thought to cause far too many problems than any other recliner part particularly when people don’t know how to fix a lazy boy recliner springs without the help of any professional repairer. If you feel like you’re sinking too much into your recliner chair then you probably have broken one of the recliner chair springs. It mostly occurs with bulky individuals or taller persons. But don’t you worry it can be fixed without knowing recliner mechanism at all. All you need is a new replacement spring (more than two just in case) and follow these simple steps.

✏How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Springs in 7 Simple Steps?

✅ You are not going to need any tools or parts to fix the recliner springs. You’ll do all the work by hand.

✅ Once you have turned over the recliner you can see four zig zag springs connected underneath the seat.

✅ At the end of each spring there is a clamp which holds and stretches the spring tightly. The clamps occur at the bottom as well as at the top of springs. The difference however is that you can see the bottom clamps but you can’t see the top clamps. This is the only wrinkle. But you can certainly feel the top clamp by hand.

✅ You will just pull the clamp (a bit) in order to break its grip over the spring. The spring will come off immediately from the bottom. But it will hang up there until you take it off from the top clamp too.

✅ One way to remove the old spring from the top clamp is to move the spring (once it is detached from the bottom clamp) back and forth. Then you can lift the spring straight up and it will leave the top clamp.

✅ Do not remove the clamps for they are going to hold the new springs. Remember one thing; there is metal rod just under the chair which goes across the springs. It is meant to provide an additional support to the recliner chair. You should insert new spring between this metal rod and the seat.

✅ It’s about time to fix the brand new spring first into the top clamp followed by the bottom. In order to fix it to the top clamp you’re going to have to feel the clamp by hand. You’ll feel the exact spot where you must hook the spring.

✅ Once you’ve fixed the spring to the top clamp you’ll stretch the spring to the bottom hook. Using your both hands simultaneously you will grab the spring and try to stretch it to the bottom clamp so the hook gets hold of the spring. Bingo! You’ve fixed a lazy boy recliner springs.

How to Fix a Lazy Boy Recliner Springs? – Video

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