How to Fix a Squeaky Recliner? – Fixing a Squeaky Rocker Recliner

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We know you must be pretty angry with your squeaky recliner. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to fix a squeaky recliner at home. Most recliners start squeaking or producing irritating sounds over time. This happens precisely when you do not oil the vital parts or joints of the recliner mechanism on time. Plus, the internal mechanism likely undergoes rubbing, or possibly some of your chair bolts loosen as well. With only little lubrication you can fix it yourself without calling to a professional recliner dealer for a minor issue such as this. In the later part of this article, we will also guide you how to fix a squeaky rocker recliner.

✏How to Fix a Squeaky Recliner?

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Things You’ll Need

☑ Oil

☑ Tarp or Sheet

Claw Hammer

Screw Driver

Adjustable Wrench

Step-by-Step Instructions to Fix a Squeaky Recliner

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Step no. 1 – Placing Recliner on the Tarp

✅ First, you’ve got to place some cover or sheet on the floor.

✅ Now sit on the chair and stretch it in a reclined position so that it straightens up.

Step no. 2 – Turning over the Recliner

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✅ As the chair is in reclined position, flip it over the cover.

✅ Now you should see the adjusting mechanism of the recliner chair that is hidden right underneath the chair.

Step no. 3 – Detach Recliner Coverings

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✅ Now you’re going to have to remove the recliner coverings carefully.

✅ You’ll probably use claw hammer to take off the recliner detachable coverings because sometimes it’s so fastened that you just can’t remove it by hand.

✅ You mustn’t damage coverings for you are going to attach it back to the chair after fixing.

Step no. 4 – Tighten all the Nuts

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✅ You’ve got to make sure that the squeaky noise is coming only from those parts that need lubricant oil. Therefore, fix all the bolts and nuts that are loosened.

✅ You’ll use adjustable wrench to fix nuts and rotate them clockwise.

Step no. 5 – Applying Lubricant Oil

✅ It’s now time to apply the lubricant oil.

✅ Use only the lubricant-labeled oil one that is meant to be sprayed on metal parts of machinery.

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✅ You will spray the oil into the bolts, hinges, nuts, joints, springs, and just about anything that moves in the recliner mechanism.

✅ Don’t forget to place some cloth just behind the oiling parts for the oil stain isn’t going to be removed from the recliner upholstery.

Step no. 6 – Test your Recliner

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✅ Just to make sure you did everything right, turn the chair upright and use it in a way you normally do.

✅ Pull up the handle and close the recliner then open it up again to see there’s any squeaky sound.

✅ We suggest you do this a couple of times. If you listen to any squeaky sounds perhaps you’d like to lubricant the metal parts again. Chances are that you may have probably left any bolt or nut unsprayed. However, if you still listen to the squeaky sound then you should reach out to any qualified recliner technician.

How to Fix a Squeaky Recliner? – Video

How to Fix a Squeaky Rocker Recliner?

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Fixing a rocker recliner isn’t really different from that of typical recliners. The rocker recliners move like a rocking chair when the footrest is closed. Just like other recliners, the rocker recliner can also produce a squeaking sound. The scratching sound in the rocker recliner is most likely to occur when the springs in the adjusting mechanism rub against other chair parts. It’s pretty easy to fix a squeaking rocker recliner let’s see how.

How to Fix a Squeaky Rocker Recliner at Home?

Step no.1 – Turn over the Recliner

✅ Since you’re going to do all the work in the recliner mechanism, you should turn over the recliner in such a way that it rests on its back and its bottom is exposed to you.

Step no. 2 – Remove the Fabric Covering

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✅ Take off the chair fabric by hand if possible. However, you can always use a flat head screw driver and do not rip the fabric.

✅ Sometimes the fabric is attached with staples. If that is the case, then you cannot take it out without using screw driver.

✅ Another way to remove the staples is using a cutter but prying it up is usually a pretty good idea.

Step no. 3 – Look for the Faulty Part

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✅ As you can see the inside mechanism of a recliner, look for the source of the squeaking noise.

✅ You may use a flashlight which can probably help you observing tiny bolts or nuts.

✅ See if the recliner springs are rubbing against any other metal part.

Step no. 4 – Fix the Springs

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✅ If you find any spring that touches a metal bar then bend it with the help of pliers. Use pliers gently.

✅ You will bend springs only to a few degrees so it doesn’t touch other components of a recliner.

✅ If you bend springs too much then you are most likely to damage the significant machinery of the recliner.

Step no. 5 – Applying Lubricant Oil

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✅ If you fancy applying lubricant oil properly then we suggest you spray oil on a cloth first then rub the cloth over every part, joints, and springs. In this way no joint or bolt will remain unsprayed.

✅ The other way to apply oil is obviously spraying it directly on each spring however the direct application hasn’t turned out to be that effective. Furthermore, if you directly apply oil into the recliner parts then you likely stain the floor.

✅ You will also lubricant those springs which aren’t producing sounds in order to prevent them from squeaking in future.

Step no. 6 – Fix back Again

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✅ Once you’ve done all the oiling you’d want to replace the bottom covering of the recliner.

✅ You can either staple the fabric cloth to the frame or manually fix some small nails (using hammer). The latter technique is probably more recommended than the former.

Step no. 7 – Return the Recliner

✅ Now return the recliner chair to stand upright.


You know now not only how to fix a squeaky recliner but also how to fix a squeaky rocker recliner at home. You see there isn’t much difference in fixing both of them. But rocker recliners are more likely to produce squeaky sounds as compared to the traditional ones.

How to Fix a Squeaky Rocker Recliner? – Video

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