How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side? – Fixing a Leaning Recliner

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Fixing a leaning recliner isn’t really an arduous task if you know precisely how to fix a recliner that leans to one side.  In this article we are going to guide you just about anything regarding awkward-looking recliners and what it takes to fix a recliner; why you need to fix it, and what if you don’t fix recliners. Furthermore, you’ll also get to know some of the simplest procedures which you can probably apply at home. Plus, we have listed the top 10 inexpensive recliners which you can possibly choose to buy if you believe your recliner gets too challenging to be fixed.

Recliners are generally meant to give you a real comfort for as long as you’re relaxing on them but if it fails to serve its primary purpose; the recliner isn’t a recliner anymore is it? Fixing a leaning recliner is probably worse than that but it’s turning out to be the most common recliner’s problem. However costly your recliner may be, it can go out of skew for a good many reasons. Instead of buying the new one, why not fixing your leaning recliner at home? You’re about to figure out how to fix a leaning recliner without any professional guidance whatsoever.

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How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side?

Prominent among the causes is the recliner leans to one side and start making strange popping sounds which indeed becomes the reason for your utmost frustration and back pains. Your recliner ought to be the one that absorbs all your stress and frustration and not the other way round.

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Top 5 Tips on How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side

▖If you’d like to flip the recliner over in order to take a look at its underside. Mostly it’s the spring that needs to be replaced with a new one.

▖You’d also want to take a look at the recliner’s springs and see if they are all still there. Furthermore, all springs ought to have their smooth elasticity. You’ve got to make sure they’re all stretched to the same level.

▖Sometimes the springs are more likely to stretch from one end as compared to the other.

▖Depending on your recliner, see if the springs mount into the wood. Plus you should check whether the screw holes are bigger. If the holes are bigger than usual, then you can add some wood into it to fill the gap. You can use a matchstick or a toothpick to do so.

▖If the recliner’s springs mount into the metal, you need to tighten them up then. But, most of the times the mounting plate is worn out and needs to be replaced.

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What If the Recliners Mount onto the Metal Hook?

✅ You can either take off the foam cushion on the recliner or flip it over to see clearly the recliner’s mechanism.

✅ You may also need to investigate the pull chord and see if it works properly.

✅ If you find any loose spring, fix it.

✅ You can also use the pry bar to stretch the recliner’s spring.

✅ If none of the above things work, then you’ll probably have to buy a new string.

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Most Likely Causes

✅ Prominent among the leaning causes is the bent reclining mechanism. If the mechanism starts leaning on one side the chair is probably going to be the next.

✅ Sometimes the mechanism is fit but the wooden frames leans or producing a squeaking sound. The frame does loosen with age.

✅ Most of the times your floor isn’t even or it is crooked. You can move chair to other places to see if the recliner still leans. If so, then the problem is seriously structural.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Fix a Recliner that Leans to One Side

Tools You’ll Need to Fix a Leaning Recliner


☑ Screw drivers (to unlock joints and panels)

☑ Lubricate oil (to rejoin broken wooden panels)

☑ Old Newspaper (to prevent oil spill)

☑ Wood Glue or plastic wood putty (to lubricate creaky joints)

☑ Pry Bar (thick metal rod)

Step no. 1 – Unlock the Wooden Panel

✅ While it typically depends on your affected area, the first step is to unlock the wooden panel together with the footrest.

✅ Loosen the screws and place them gently somewhere safe for you’re going to need them again.

Step no. 2

✅ Now you take off the upholstery that covers the panels because it hides the entire frame.

✅ As you remove the upholstery, you’ll have a clear view of the frame underneath the panel so you get to know what needs to be fixed.

 Step no. 3

✅ Most of the times, the recliner’s joints as well as springs get a little creaky. In that case, you’ll need to lubricate the joints by spraying oil.

✅ Remove any excess oil and see if springs or joints still squeaks.

✅ And don’t forget to place some old newspaper under the spring in order to avoid any oil spills on the floor.

Step no. 4

✅ You should use a screw driver to fasten loose joints, if there is any.

✅ You better be careful while fastening near springs for you don’t want to release tension from the coils do you?

Step no. 5

✅ If you come across any possible hairline cracks inside the vital parts you’d probably want to replace it immediately for it can severely damage all joints.

Step no. 6

✅ If you are going to replace the broken parts, you must unfasten them using screwdrivers.

✅ Next, you should clean the area before fixing the new part.

✅ You must also consult the recliner’s manual to see if you know what you’re doing.

Step no. 7

✅ If you find any broken wooden panel, you’ll need to apply wood glue to the affected area.

✅ If the wooden panels are too damaged to be fixed you then have to buy the new one.

Step no. 8

✅ The last step is about checking everything just to make sure you did it all right.

✅ Now you may want to fix the wooden panels back and replace the upholstery.

⚠ Remember these Repair Rules!

✋ You’ve got to check all the possible manufacturing defects that you think you know before accepting delivery of your recliner.

✋ You’ve got to make sure that the adjusting mechanism or a lever functions smoothly.

✋ Sit on a chair and see if the cushion is comfortable.

✋ If your chair breaks within the warranty period, then you should take a look at the fine print that says ‘who you should notify in case of a claim’. The print mostly says that it’s the manufacturer’s responsibility to compensate. The law usually says that every recliner must have the name as well as the manufacturer’s address printed on it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that all the above steps may have probably helped you in finding out how to fix a recliner that leans to one side. However, if you’re still unable to fix it then we suggest you to immediately consult the repair guy for your recliner is either beyond repair or it needs a professional guy.

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