How to Fix a Broken Recliner Pull Handle? – Expert Guide in 5 Steps

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Do you know how to fix a broken recliner pull handle at home? It’s pretty straightforward and you don’t need to call a professional repair to fix it. All you need is a couple of tools or parts and follow five simple steps. It may seem frustrating in the first place especially when the recliner handle pops up into your hands as you’re attempting to lean over the chair. But with a little effort you can definitely fix it.

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✏How to Fix a Broken Recliner Pull Handle?

Tools You’ll Need

A pair of Needle-nose Pliers

A Screwdriver

Replacement Handle & Cable

Stander Recliner Lever Extender – Ergonomic Curve Grip + Oversized Handle & Secure Fit for Easy Chair Recliner Handles

A Step-by-Step Instruction Manual

Step no. 1 – Removing Screws & Handle

✅ First, you’ve got to take off the wood screws that are holding the handle in place. Usually there are two screws are fixed at the top and bottom of the lever.

✅ Place the screws in a safe place for you’re going to need them back again.

✅ You won’t get new screws with the new replacement handle and cable.

✅ Now you’ll have to pull out the handle but gently. If you overdo it you’ll probably rip the chair’s cloth.

Step no. 2 – Turn Over the Recliner

✅ Once you’ve successfully taken off the recliner’s handle you will now make the entire chair stand on its back on the floor. You will turn over the recliner by gently placing hands on its back until it touches the ground.

✅ Now the bottom of the chair is all you can see. You do so because you need to get to the bottom end of the cable that connects to the chair.

 Step no. 3 – Removing the Mechanism Release Clip

✅ Take a look at the cable-end which is connected to the mechanism release trigger in two places.

✅ The mechanism release trigger has S-tip as well as mechanism release clip.

✅ You must remove the S-tip for it is going to release the tension on the recliner cable.

✅ It’s time to take off the mechanism release clip. You’ll do that with the help of needle-nose pliers.

✅ Once you remove the mechanism release clip, you can now afford to pull off the handle cable. Pull the entire cable out of the chair.

Step no. 4 – Insert the Pull Handle Cable

✅ Now you’ll do the reverse engineering.

✅ Take the new pull handle with cable and try to insert them gently in a way you took out the old one.

✅ Now you’re going to have to fix the mechanism clip back into the mechanism release trigger.

✅ Gently pull the trigger and insert the S-tip into the hole of a mechanism release trigger. You’ll use your both hands.

Step no. 5 – Fixing back the Pull Handle

✅ Now make your recliner to stand in an upright position.

✅ Fix the pull handle into the empty slot.

✅ Go and take the two wood screws you removed earlier.

✅ Insert the screws back using the screwdriver.

 Step no. 6 –Relaxing and Testing

✅ That’s it! You’ve done it all. It’s time to test your recliner.

✅ Sit and relax on it and move the pull handle quite many times just to make sure it doesn’t get stuck.

✅ Lean over it and stretch your legs for your recliner is as good as a new.

Final Thoughts

Now you probably know how to fix a broken recliner pull handle you can fix anytime you come across the same issue. Y’know the best thing about fixing at home is that you don’t have to rely on somebody else. You can do it yourself. You’ve got a skill.

How to Fix a Broken Recliner Pull Handle? – Video

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