How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back? – Removing a Lazy Boy Recliner Back

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People often wonder how to fix a recliner chair back one that leans back too far. Well, just in case you’re wondering removing and fixing a recliner chair back is as easy it seems in the first place. You can do it at home. Furthermore, you don’t need too many tools or parts to fix a recliner back except for a flat screwdriver which is optional too. You can also use a flashlight that’ll probably make your job easier.

✏How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back?

How to Remove the Recliner Chair Back?

☑ First, flip over the recliner so that rests on its arms only. Do not make it to stand upside down. You’ll do your work at the back of the chair.

☑ Every lazy boy recliner has locking brackets which are present at the very back of the chair. The locking brackets or levers aren’t really visible. You’ve got to use the slotted screwdriver to pull the lever for sometimes the lever gets just a little stiff.

☑ Just to let you know that lever in the lazy boy recliner is LOCKED when it’s down or point towards floor. In this position you won’t be able to pull off the back. In order to UNLOCK it you should flip it up towards the ceiling. There’s one bracket on each side of the chair back.

☑ Now return the recliner chair back to its upright position and stand right behind the chair.

☑ You will gently move the back from side to side and start pulling it upwards. Keep moving it sideways until the back comes off.

How to Re-install the Recliner Chair Back?

☑ In order to reinstall the back you’re going to have to put the back on the side arms of the chair in such a way that it rests right above the slots.

☑ Now gently lift the back so that it goes in line with the brackets.

☑ The 3-position high leg recliner is one of the lazy boy recliners which should be lifted to locate the back brackets.

☑ Now lower down the back so that it gets fixed into the body.

☑ You’ve got to make sure that the back completely aligns with the back brackets.

☑ Now in order to see if you’ve reinstalled the back properly you should try to remove it gently by moving it sideways. If the back remains robust then you’ve fixed it quite successfully.

☑ If you feel like one of the sides move out of the position then brackets are probably not fit into the back. You must take off the back again the do as you did before.

How to Lock the Brackets?

☑ Don’t forget to lock the brackets once you’ve done all things right.

☑ You are going to use slotted screwdrivers to push the lever down so it gets locked properly. It’s mandatory to lock the brackets individually.

☑ If you are unable to fix the recliner chair back you must call a lazy boy recliner dealer for assistance.

 Note: You should fix the chair back and lock the levers very carefully for the loose levers likely cause injuries.

How to Fix a Recliner Chair Back? – Video

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